What Does a Sleepless Night Do to Your Health?

Woman lying in bed unable to sleep, staring at clock

Tossing and turning all night and then dragging yourself through the day is not fun, but sleepless nights can also have long-term effects on your health. Chronic sleeplessness can lead to physical and mental problems that can greatly damage your overall quality of life.

While many people know that long-term sleep deprivation can cause this deterioration in our health, they might be shocked to learn that just one night of missed sleep can have similar effects! 

Here are a few ways a sleepless night can impact you and your body.

Affects Your Blood

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, after just one night of not sleeping, blood tests can detect changes in more than 100 proteins in the blood, including ones that affect blood sugar, immune function, and metabolism. Over time, these biochemical changes can elevate your risk for health issues such as diabetes, weight gain, and even cancer.

Mood Changes

Sudden changes in your mood are a common symptom of sleep deprivation. You’re more likely to feel irritable and lash out in anger when you don’t get enough sleep because the brain cannot function normally, which means it can’t suppress the brain’s emotional center.

Chronic sleep deprivation can affect your mood to the point of developing anxiety or depression, which can worsen over time.

Diminishes Your Productivity

Missing a night of sleep can affect your ability to think and concentrate. Going to work can be extremely challenging and even dangerous if you are someone who operates heavy machinery or equipment. When you are tired, your decision-making skills are not great, and your coordination can also be off. You likely will not be able to get many things done with a missed night of sleep, and you could potentially put others in danger with your lack of functionality.

Some people might think a good night’s sleep is a luxury, but it’s really a necessity. You can do many things to get a better night’s sleep, from natural sleep aids to finding the perfect sleeping position to choosing the best mattress for you!

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