Feng Shui Tips for Your RV

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Employing feng shui techniques in your home promotes the flow of positive energy to help you live your best life and reach your goals. Similarly, using these principles to arrange other living spaces, such as your RV, can provide you with the peace and calm you need to fully enjoy your time away from home.

Before you head out on your next trip, use these tips below to feng shui your RV and create a relaxing and refreshing environment!

Eliminate clutter.

Feng shui experts tell us that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. When you venture out in your RV, be sure to only bring those items you need or absolutely love. Storage space is limited and unnecessary belongings can pile up fast if you don’t pack with care.

Arrange your furniture wisely.

Proper furniture placement is a key element of feng shui, as your furniture directs the flow of energy in your space. Your goal is to facilitate a continuous movement of positive energy to give everyone in your environment the best experience possible. Start by placing the seating in your RV at right angles to one another rather than side by side. This will help promote quality conversation and bonding. If possible, arrange your sofa so that it is facing to door.

Create a comfortable sleeping area.

The better the quality of sleep you get in your RV, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your experience. If you’re following the feng shui fundamentals of furniture placement, your bed should be placed against a wall, away from any external or internal distractions that may disturb your energy as you sleep (keep this in mind as you decide where to park your vehicle). Invest in a quality RV mattress for optimum comfort and support. Finally, top with luxurious sheets, a cozy comforter or blankets, and pillows.

Decorate and personalize your RV interior.

To truly make your RV feel like home and harness calming energy, adorn your space with décor, accessories, and colors that soothe and appeal to you. While wall art is not really practical or safe in an RV, you might hang family photos or posters on the walls to give it a personal touch. Add pops of fun or favorite colors throughout for a bright effect on the space and positive effect on your mood.

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