About Replacement-Mattress, Walt's and Comfortable Concepts

Who We Are

You are viewing the e-commerce website of Comfortable Concepts Corp., a small internet company closely tied to Walt’s Sleep Shop.  Walt’s has a “brick and mortar” store and a replacement mattress factory/warehouse, both located in central New Jersey. Walt’s has been in business since 1955. The main players are:

Louis Leibowitz (the mattress guy) who along with his brother, David, took over the mattress business roughly 30 years ago from his father Walt, who founded it over 60 years ago.

David Leibowitz,(the other mattress guy), and Lou’s brother.

Andrew Weiss (the IT guy) is our internet business project manager. He doesn’t know nearly as much about sofa bed, RV, marine and truck mattresses as Lou and David, but is learning fast, and is always willing to lend a hand.

We stock a variety of sizes of mattresses at our warehouse in New Jersey. We also make up special sizes to order, and offer the largest selection of replacement mattresses anywhere. Our response time to an order is quite fast.

If you’re looking for high quality sofa bed, RV, marine and truck mattresses at reasonable prices, we’ve got you covered.