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You and your guests will love the comfort, support and sleep you’ll get with our sleeper sofa mattresses, which are always made in the USA! Available in common and custom sizes for a perfect fit. And shipping is always fast & free!

  • You’ll never feel the bar!
  • 4-inches thick (Call us if you want this mattress in 3″ or 3.5″ thick.)
  • Maximum foam
    (density: 2.5 lbs. per cu. ft.)
  • Perfect choice for the heavyweight sleeper
  • Available in common and custom sizes
  • Starting at $400
  • Need Help Measuring?
  • Sleep soundly
  • 4-inches thick (Call us if you want this mattress in 3″ or 3.5″ thick.)
  • High-quality foam
    (density: 1.8 lbs. per cu. ft.)
  • You won’t feel the bar
  • Available in common and custom sizes
  • Starting at $350
  • Need Help Measuring?
  • Maximum comfort
  • 5-inches thick
  • High-quality foam (density 1.8 lbs. per cu. ft.)
  • Feel the ahh!
  • Available in common and custom sizes
  • Starting at $380
  • Need Help Measuring?

Our Gold quality sofa mattress series keeps the cost to a minimum. Our Platinum quality sleeper sofa mattress series goes all out and is the perfect choice for a heavier weight sleeper or a combination of sleepers weighing over 250 lbs. Both the Gold and the Platinum are superior sofa bed mattresses that ensure you will never feel that uncomfortable bar.

While how long you plan on keeping the sofa mattress and frequency of use are important considerations when choosing a mattress style, the weight of the sleeper is probably the most important. Most sleepers will find the Gold hide-a-bed mattress (foam density: 1.8 lbs. per cu. ft.) an excellent choice.

Heavyweight sleepers will compress the replacement mattress beyond its ability to cushion the bar, so the denser foam of the Platinum sofa bed mattress (foam density 2.5 lbs. per cu. ft.) will be more comfortable. Denser foam does not mean harder.

With ordinary foam mattresses—the thicker the better.

In sofa sleeper mattresses, if the foam is too thick the replacement mattress feels great at first. But after it’s folded away in the closed sofa for a little while the folds get permanently set.

We have found that:

  • A 4-inch thick pull out bed mattress has no noticeable compression set, even after two years folded up.
  • It is very important to have high quality foam. Sofa bed mattresses with poor quality foam will stay folded after just a few weeks.

Mattress cloth covers are referred to as ticking.

With hide-a-bed mattresses, we have found that heavily quilted ticking (which is desirable in most mattresses) bunches up in the creases when it is folded away inside the sofa bed.

This bunching causes other issues as well. The mattress cover shifts around so that the seams wind up moving onto the flat sleeping surface. Years of experience have taught us that flat, non-quilted ticking is best for a couch bed mattress.


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Do your guests complain of sleeping on the sofa bed? Do you sleep on it yourself and can’t get a good night’s sleep? All of that is about to change!

If you choose one of our hide-a-bed mattresses, you are going to like the sleep you get.

Our mattresses:

  • Use high-density, high-compression, high-resiliency foam cores so you won’t feel the bar.
  • Will not become permanently creased or bunched when folded into your sofa bed.
  • Will perfectly fit your sofa bed.
  • Are guaranteed.
  • Will ship tomorrow if you order a common size mattress by noon today. Queen and full sofa bed mattresses (52″x72″, 54″x72″, 60″x72″) are always in stock.
  • Will ship in about a week if you order a custom-made sofa bed replacement mattress.
  • Are shipped for free in the 48 contiguous states via FedEX Ground Service. (Shipping is additional to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and military POs via Parcel Post.)

Need more information? Check out our Sofa Bed Mattress Buying Guide, which we created to help you make an informed decision. Or give us a call at 888.889.2812. We love to talk sofa bed mattresses!

*Shipping additional to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & military POs via Parcel Post

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