The Best Sleeping Positions for Your Health

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Most of us know that in order to wake up well-rested, you need to sleep deeply enough and for long enough. Quality and quantity aren’t the only factors that affect how well you sleep or how you feel when you wake up though; the position you sleep in matters too.

Did you know that scientists have determined that there are healthy and unhealthy sleeping positions? The best sleeping position for you will depend on your unique physical needs, but generally, there are a few positions that yield more benefit than others when morning rolls around.

Fetal Position

One of the most popular sleeping positions for men and women alike is curled up in the fetal position. This position is actually great for your lower back, reducing snoring, and boosting circulation in pregnant women. Just be careful not to sleep in too tight of a ball, or you could limit your deep breathing or end up sore in the morning.

Side Sleeping

There are many side sleepers among us who will be happy to learn that this position offers a number of health benefits while you slumber. Sleeping on your side promotes healthy spine alignment, prevents back pain, can reduce snoring and GERD/acid reflux symptoms, and has been proven to help with overall digestion. The biggest drawbacks are the possibility for shoulder pain, jaw tightness, and wrinkles.

Try to avoid putting your arms or hands underneath your head and body while sleeping on your side, so as not to reduce blood flow to them and hurt the nerves or muscles.

Flat Back

Sleeping flat on your back is considered one of the healthiest ways to catch some Z’s. Back sleeping is the best for protecting your spine and maintaining proper neutral alignment. It also keeps your weight more evenly distributed, which helps prevent neck and upper back pain.

If you deal with heartburn, acid reflux, or congestion, sleeping flat on your back with your head propped up can help relieve your symptoms. The only sleepers who should opt for a different position are those who snore badly or have sleep apnea.

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