It arrived today, it fits perfectly, and it’s wonderfully comfortable—thank you so much again!

Sheila Schwartz

I just want to follow up on our telephone conversation today regarding a sofa bed mattress I just received. The replacement mattress that I needed was a special size. I made several attempts to locate one locally, but the sizes available were only the standard ones. I then went on the internet and found your company. Upon contacting you, you advised me that I could order any size and provided me with valuable additional information. I then placed the order and promptly received the mattress.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical ordering an item of this type over the internet, however, it turned out to be great. The size fit perfectly, and it is so comfortable. Additionally, it folded into the sofa just right. As a result, we can once again use the sofa bed in comfort.

Thank you so much for your assistance and patience. It has been a pleasure, and I will definitely keep your company in mind for referrals.

Carol Francis

Upon first glance at the replacement mattress rolled up, we thought there was no way it could be a full size mattress. It was compressed so neatly and small that we thought for sure it was a mattress topper or that some sort of mistake had been made. However, upon opening the mattress, we couldn't believe how big, soft, and comfortable it truly was. From the moment anyone laid down on the mattress, we physically could not pull ourselves from it. It was truly, unbelievably comfortable.

Frank Luongo

We have this very old sleeper sofa that is still a beautiful piece of furniture but the coil spring mattress was in very bad shape. It had an odd shape and I didn't think we'd be able to get a new one. Enter Their website is one of the best organized and most informative sites out there. They are able to build a custom sized mattress and get it to you in a very reasonable time. They made our old, beautiful but unusable sofa sleeper whole again. Thanks guys.

Michael Mellott

Thanks for the email. We are indeed very pleased with the mattress, it is vastly more comfortable than its predecessor. ... please know we are very pleased, both with your service and with the mattress we ordered.


Thank you. It came and it fits perfectly. Thanks so very much. We appreciate both your product and your attentiveness. With much appreciation, Louise and Bill Small

Louise and Bill Small

Hi Louis,

Just to let you know, the mattress arrived in good order, the trailer's couch/bed has been modified to be a bed only and the new mattress fits perfectly!

We'll be breaking it in this coming weekend.

Thank You,


Good morning Louis,
I just wanted to say thank you! You made the mattress replacement process a dream, no pun intended! You promptly returned phone calls and emails, kept me in the loop and gave the customer service that is always hoped for but never received! I am very pleased with my mattress, the quality and fit are wonderful. I have raved about you and!
Thanks again,

Mark B.

The new mattress is fantastic. Perfect fit for our boat, professionally done and very comfortable. Your staff did an exceptional job; the best customer service I have received from a company. I would recommend without hesitation.

Ed Manion

Dear Mr. Leibowitz, Just wanted you to know the mattress (Queen) arrived and is now on our sofa bed. It's a perfect fit and we're very pleased with its comfort. When we first put it on the sofa, my husband said a sofa mattress that firm and thick would never fold up into the sofa, but it easily did just that. I can't wait for the next family gathering when we will use all available sleeping spaces. Now, we'll be arguing over who gets to sleep on the sofa bed. Again, thank you for all the information you gave me helping to determine the right choice.

Jack and Jeanette B.

The best RV mattress I have ever slept on...

Bill C.

Thanks Louis for all of your help with the updates and shipping issues! Fits my RV sleeper sofa perfect. On a 1 to 5 star rating I'll give you a 6!

Bill M.

THANK YOU!  We opened our mattress for our RV (travel trailer) this morning as Louis had suggested.  It works wonderfully in our space and with our under-bed storage:  I can still lift the lid, and the struts hold up the mattress just fine.  Bonus:  the bedspread which was made to fit our 58"x68" former mattress fits your 60"x80" beautifully.  When I laid down on the mattress, it felt WONDERFUL and my husband announced, "Merry Christmas!"  It's one of the BEST Christmas presents I've had.  Thank you, Louis, for answering my questions and "holding my hand"!

Barbara S.

Perfect Replacement - Painless Resolution

Butch Y.

Installed my new mattress today. Y’all do a great job of packing, it opened up nicely. And it looks and fits perfectly. Great job.

Mike K.

Thank you so very much…… received the mattress on Sunday almost a week early! Arrived the same day as my grandson who was able to get a great nights sleep on it that night.
Again thank you so very much for coming though even with the COVID situation. Everyone out performed my expectations.

Merry Christmas

Ray L.

We received our RV mattress last Monday.  I must say I was uneasy about ordering a special cut mattress.  All I want to say is thank you, thank you! It was the perfect fit, cut, and so comfortable best decision we made.  I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

Ginny C.

As noted, we received the mattress in excellent condition. I'm a fan of your company.

Mark R.

Thank you again … you get 5 GOLD STARS FOR YOUR SERVICE.. my 4” 61x71 mattress fit perfectly 💋GOD BLESS .. this Lady is soooo happy .. but too old to do cartwheels 🤸‍♂️… I would highly recommend YOU to family & friends .. 

Judy H.
5 Gold Stars
Kenny R.
Colene R.

Thank you so much! It has arrived and is perfect after all these years of discomfort.

Mary F.
Thank you so much!