The Benefits of Full-Time Boat Living

Father, daughter and their pet dog on boat that they live on full-time

Not everyone dreams of a two-story home surrounded by a white picket fence and two cars parked safely in the driveway. There is more than one way to live this life, and some people prefer the calming rocking of the sea to be the background of their home life rather than suburbia’s overcrowded uniformed streets.

Here are a few benefits you may experience if you choose to join the full-time boat-living community! 

Low Cost of Living

If you do it right, living on a boat can be much cheaper than living on land, especially if you are handy and maintain your boat properly. You can save money by doing your own maintenance and repairs, and there is no lawn to mow, driveway to plow, or other normal home expenses to budget for when you live on a boat.

Deep Connection with Nature

Surrounded by water, you experience nature’s beauty every day, from gorgeous sunrises, majestic marine life, and birds to the peaceful sound of the waves. Nature has a way of helping us feel relaxed and centered, feelings we often lack living in the concrete jungles of the world.

Supportive Community

You have a better chance of having something in common with your boat neighbor than someone living next to you in the suburbs. When you choose to live at least a portion of your life aboard, the experience can bring many commonalities amongst other full-time boaters. You bond over the joys and issues you face living on a boat that people living on land cannot relate to, forming a supportive community. 

Sense of Security

Along with your close friends and neighbors in the boat living community, most marinas you decide to stay in have locked access gates and security guards to keep you and your loved ones safe. Your floating home can feel like an oasis, where you feel freer than ever, but you are secure and safer than most homes on land.

If you are considering the full-time boat living life, there are some tips you will want to follow, one of them being that you ensure you have a comfortable place to lay your head down at night!

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