Tips for Full-Time Boat Living

Happy couple living on a boat and using their laptop to work.

As property prices rise and living expenses reach an all-time high, it might be time to start considering your lifelong dream of full-time boat life, or if not a lifelong dream, an inspiring endeavor you have wanted to try.

While living on the open sea has its benefits, life on the water can present unique challenges. Here are a few tips to make your full-time boat life a smooth sailing experience.

Be Prepared for Daily Maintenance

Boat life can be relaxing, but since you’re the ship’s captain, you’re in charge of keeping everything running smoothly. You will have to maintain and service your boat and equipment and regularly check your fuel, food supplies, and water.

Be prepared to empty your cupboards every few weeks and give them a thorough cleaning. Antibacterial and antifungal cleaners will eliminate any mold and mildew that’s starting to form from the damp environment.

Another important thing to bear in mind is there is no sewerage system with a boat. Your waste holding tank will need to be regularly emptied at a pump-out station.

Plan for Your Essentials

There aren’t limitless supplies of anything when you’re on a boat, which means planning is an absolute must. Finding yourself in the middle of the open ocean with not enough fuel or water is not a situation you want to put yourself in. Storage space will also be limited, so prioritize the essentials before anything else. If you plan on traveling far, remember that not everywhere will have access to ready-stocked supermarkets. Plan your itinerary carefully, and stock up when you can.

Create Spaces for Different Activities

If you are used to living in a decent size home with multiple rooms, daily life on a boat will take an adjustment period. Try to dedicate specific areas for working, eating, relaxing, sleeping, etc. This can help make your boat feel more like a home than a small, moving studio apartment space.

Another important factor to consider is your sleeping arrangements. There are many ways to sleep comfortably on a boat, but the best way to ensure a comfortable sleep is to purchase a quality boat mattress. At Replacement Mattress, our boat mattresses are available in standard or custom shapes and sizes to get the support you need on the water.

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