Spring Cleaning Tips for Your RV

Men Cleaning His Camper Van Motorhome in a Car Wash Using Pressure Washer.

The spring season is here, and it’s time to start preparing for warmer weather and summer traveling in your RV! If you had your motorhome stored away for the winter or just haven’t had the chance to travel with it in a while, it’s time to prioritize a thorough spring cleaning.

Here are a few tips for getting your RV in tip-top shape this season! 

Cleaning the Exterior

Over the winter months, your RV has probably been collecting dust, dirt, and debris while sitting in storage, especially if it was outdoors. At least once every season, you should wash the outside of your RV to protect the paint and prevent road salts and corrosive chemicals from eating away at the exterior.

Start by spraying it with water out of a hose or power washer. Scrub it down with a car-washing sponge from top to bottom using a mild car-washing soap, and then rinse it down again. It helps if you have a couple of people assisting you to make the process go faster.  

Windows and Mirrors

Take the time to polish the exterior of each window on your RV, including your windshield and cab windows, using a window cleaning solution. Also, clean off mirrors and backup cameras to ensure you have a safe view of everything on the road.

Exterior Storage Compartments

If your RV contains exterior storage compartments, pull everything out and give the interior of the compartments a thorough cleaning. Tools, jacks, and extra camping gear often bring dirt and rust into these compartments. Cleaning them out each season can help protect the interior and allow you to reorganize the space.

Cleaning the Interior

The first step to cleaning the interior of your RV is pulling everything out. You want to start with an empty space to clean every nook and cranny thoroughly. Cleaning the inside of your motorhome will keep the space inviting and ensure that surfaces are disinfected and that no food crumbs or garbage attracts pests.

A few areas you should be sure to cover while performing your deep clean are:

  • The kitchen (wipe down and sanitize all cabinets, cooking surfaces, drawers, etc.)
  • The bathroom (Wipe down the interior of bathroom drawers and cabinets and check over all your plumbing to ensure everything is operational for the season)

Be sure to sweep, dust, mop, and vacuum the entire RV and polish any windows and mirrors!

An important part of the interior RV cleaning process that many neglect is the bedroom mattress. Getting your mattress ready for spring can be done with a few simple steps and is necessary to prepare your RV for a busy summer season.

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