Winnebago Mattress

There is no recreational vehicle that is more popular than the Winnebago. First manufactured in 1966, it has grown into one of the top travel trailers in the world. Interior construction varies from the different models however, especially in the design of its beds. These beds come in various sizes, which require different size mattresses. At you can easily order any size mattress from the three models below.

  • Layer of memory foam on top of a base of premium, high-density, resiliency memory foam; plush, contouring feel
  • Starting at $451
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  • High-quality, 1.8 density foam
  • Firm, supportive foam
  • Extra comfort
  • Starting at $410
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  • Same as Princess but, 5-inches thick
  • Ideal for bunk beds
  • Medium-firm feel
  • Starting at $335
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The top of the Winnebago line, the Brave 26A, sleeps 7 people. This model includes a queen bed, a pull-out sofa and a studio loft bed. Their much smaller Class B Paseo Motor Home sleeps 2 and features a Flex bed system, in the dinette which creates a 53″ x 72″ bed. The Winnebago Aspect Motor Home Class C sleeps 4 with a flexi bed in the dining area. There are many other Winnebago models which have a variety of bedding configurations.

Winnebago Mattress Size

Over time, the Winnebago Mattress that came with your new motorhome will become worn and uncomfortable. That is when it is time to start shopping for a new one. Often, beds in RV’s come in odd sizes. This makes it important to carefully measure to be sure there will be a perfect fit. A Winnebago RV mattress may be a king, queen, bunk, twin or an odd size (at you can order a Winnebago mattress to fit perfectly even if the space is odd shaped, has a sharp corner or other peculiarities).

Always measure the surface the camper mattress lies on. This is important as over time many mattresses are inclined to shrink. This will allow you to purchase an RV mattress that fits perfectly.

RV Mattress Types

There are three types of mattresses available in the market. These are: innerspring, foam and latex. Innerspring is not recommended for an RV as it is too difficult to install and oftentimes is not shaped correctly. Polyurethane foam is the most common RV mattress type as it is easy to fit and comes in a roll, which makes it easy to handle. They come five to eight inches thick, and prices usually starts at $335.

Another popular option is polyurethane foam with a layer of memory foam (generically known as memory foam RV mattress) and is extremely comfortable. Always look at the density of the foam. The more density supports more body weight and lasts longer. Additionally, foam mattresses (whether polyurethane or memory foam) can be custom made for odd rectangle sizes, rounded corners and so forth, at an advantageous price!

Latex is considered “top-of-the-line” and, while an excellent choice, is quite expensive, listed in the $599-$999 range. When purchasing this type of Winnebago mattress, it is important to be sure it is made from natural materials which make it anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust mites.

Sofa Bed Replacement Mattress for Your Winnebago?

Usually the sofa bed mechanism leaves room for a 4” or 5” thick mattress, thus due to the difference in their thickness, different materials are used in sleeper sofa mattresses than in RV mattresses. For example memory foam sleeper sofa mattresses aren’t recommended as you would need a memory foam layer of minimum 2’’ to get that plush feel such mattresses are renown for; this would leave only 2”-3” of support foam, and that is definitely not enough to properly support your body during sleep. Check out our sofa bed mattress buying guide for other useful information and see our Gold or Platinum sleeper sofa mattresses if you’re ready to finally replace that sofa mattress in your Winnebago!

With the proper Winnebago replacement mattress, it is possible to enjoy all the amenities included in a Winnebago motorhome. Viewing the beautiful countryside and being able to sleep comfortably at night is what makes for the height of happy living.