Empress RV Mattress (8″ Memory Foam)

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Empress RV Mattress (8″ Memory Foam)

"On the road again... I can't wait to get on the road again..."

Our "Empress" ultra-luxury RV mattress model is constructed with a 5-1/2" base of our premium high density and resilient polyurethane foam bonded to a 2-1/2" layer of plush memory foam on top. If you are a serious about RVing, and looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort, the Empress is the perfect camper mattress for your rig.

Because memory foam alone doesn't provide sufficient sleep support, our engineers have decided to "back up" all of our memory foam mattresses with a superior base of urethane foam. This precision laminated RV mattress provides an ideal sleeping surface at 8 inches, combining proper support with the luxurious feel of memory foam. This recreational vehicle mattress is for you if you're interested in obtaining a "plusher" feel.

The "Empress'" premium cover is constructed so as to not shift on its bed base. The bottom of the cover is made from the same high-tech non-skid material as our "Countess" and "Princess" models, and the sides and sleeping surface are sewn with a tape edge utilizing beautiful, premium, quilted damask.

This is the ultimate in luxury and comfort, wherever your journey takes you.

  • Optimal Support – Our premium "Empress" RV mattress really shines when used by two people. You can put over 250 pounds of people on this mattress and never have to worry about it bottoming out.
  • 8" Thick – (5.5" base for support topped with 2.5" viscoelastic memory foam for comfort) – The perfect mix of soft on top (2.5" viscoelastic memory foam) and support underneath (5.5" of 1.8 density support foam).
  • "Plush" and "Contouring Top" Feel! – For those that love a plush top feel, take a good look at our Empress RV mattress model, it offers our plushest top feel while offering great support underneath.
  • Movement Isolation – Do you or your partner complain about feeling each other moving around in bed? A design feature of our Empress camper mattress minimizes motion transfer. What does that mean? It's simple... it minimizes how much you'll feel your partner move around.
  • Hardwearing and Long Lasting – We designed this motor home mattress with the most demanding RV enthusiast in mind. A heavy duty cover (mattress ticking), durable foam core (1.8 high density foam below a luxurious layer of memory foam,) and "old school" manufacturing techniques help the Empress model stand up to the test of time. We take the extra time and effort to carefully sew all our seams... we never use zippers!


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"great mattress" -
"Custom corner and size fit perfectly. Very comfortable."
"" -
"We received our mattress this afternoon and unwrapped it and put it on the bed frame. The fit is perfect and the comfort level is fantastic...! We are very happy that we found you and with the ease of ordering and dealing with you. Rest assured that we will be giving out your information to anyone that is having issues with their RV Mattress! We will be leaving for our first overnight trip on Sunday and are really looking forward to a comfortable night's sleep. Thank you so much, David & Dianne Kraus"

ReplacementMattress: We're glad to help David! Enjoy your trip 🙂

"" -
"site is good easy to figure type you want"
"Website" -
"Website was very easy to use and ordering was a breeze. Just looking forward to receiving my mattress and hope it is as good as the online description."
"Ordered another onef or my home" -
"Bought a 2002, 29' camper and had to replace the mattresses. Loved the mattress so much that I purchased another for my master bedroom. Very comfortable, (I have RA), and the mattress exceeded my expectations. Ordering was a breeze and received it the time expected time frame. Great price for the product!"

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