Which Replacement Mattress is the Right One for Me?

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Having a good-quality mattress is crucial to your health and happiness, no matter where you’re sleeping. Too often, people sacrifice quality or quantity of sleep when they spend the night outside of their master bedroom. At Replacement Mattress, our goal is to close that gap by providing high-quality, high-density, American-made mattresses for those auxiliary spaces that usually take a toll on your sleep, including RVs, boats, trucks, sofa beds, and more.

But with so many amazing mattress types and models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Don’t worry; our experts are here to offer some guidance!

Our Midtown Mattresses are a great solution available in select sizes for RVs, guest bedrooms and other standard sleeping spaces.

The Midtown mattress line features a combination of comfort layers of memory foam and 1.5lbs per cubic feet support foam. Each model is available in all standard sizes from twin up to California king. The collection offers a traditional smooth top with a contouring memory foam feel and convenient light weight. Value priced with quality to match.

Ideal for: guest bedrooms, bunks/lofts, vacation homes, kids rooms, college apartments, rental homes, hospitality settings

Our RV, boat, and truck mattresses offer supportive and comfortable custom options for on-the-go or awkwardly-situated sleeping spaces.

Made with high-quality 1.8 density support, our RV mattresses, boat mattresses, and truck mattresses are just as comfortable but a little sturdier than the Midtown mattresses. The most significant advantage of these mattress models is that they’re available in custom sizes and shapes, so they can be made to fit any space. If you’re looking for a durable mattress that saves space without sacrificing comfort or support while you sleep on the road, one of these babies is your best bet.

Ideal for: RVs, campers, boats, truck cabs

If you’re seeking maximum support for heavyweight sleeping, our Platinum sofa bed mattress is your number one choice.

We specifically designed our Platinum sofa bed mattress with 2.5 density memory foam for heavyweight sleepers. If you are a heavier sleeper or you’re sharing a bed, this mattress will give you the best night’s sleep possible. It takes our standard high-quality foam a step further for maximum comfort, support, and durability, without feeling hard or inflexible.

Ideal for: sofa beds, guest bedrooms, any sleep space!

Once you’ve determined which mattress from Replacement Mattress is best suited to your sleeping needs, all you have to do is select or specify the size and, if applicable, shape you want and place your order! With custom high-quality mattresses, free U.S. shipping, and quick delivery, there’s no better solution for your sleeping needs.

For more information about any of our mattresses, call us today at 888-889-2812 and we’ll be happy to help!