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Platinum Sofa Bed Mattress (4″)

Starting at $400.00

Our Platinum quality sofa bed mattress (foam density—2.5 lbs. per cu. ft.) goes all out. It’s the perfect choice for the heavier weight sleeper. Available in 4-inch thickness and all custom sizes. QuickShip available in 4″ thick: 52×72, 54×72 and 60×72.
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sofa bed replacement mattress
How to Measure Sofa Bed Mattress Dimensions
How to Measure Sofa Bed Mattress Thickness

*If you want this mattress in 3" or 3.5" thick, please call us at 888.889.2812.

Our “Platinum” premium quality sofa bed replacement mattress is made with polyurethane foam with a density of 2.5 lbs. per cu. ft., which is specifically designed for the heavier weight sleeper. Like our Gold mattress, the mattress cover of this item is sewn with a tape edge, which virtually eliminates unwanted cover shift from folding and unfolding, again and again. Because of its density, this sofa replacement mattress is only available in a 4-inch thickness.

Using our Platinum mattress, your guests won’t feel the bars of your sofa bed mechanism. We haven’t yet found a sofa bed manufacturer, bedding shop, or other replacement mattress manufacturer that uses polyurethane foam that matches the quality of the foam we use in this mattress.

When you sleep on a sofa bed with our Platinum mattress, you won’t believe how comfortable it is. In fact, you may even prefer it to your current bedroom mattress. This mattress can stay stored inside your hide a bed for quite some time without use, and will pop open as if it were brand new when it’s needed.

  • Support—The majority of sofa bed mechanisms are made for a 4-inch mattress. Our Platinum model offers the best support available by using a 2.5 high density urethane foam core. This hide a bed mattress model is designed to hold up and support your body. Most of our competition uses 1.5 density support foams at best.
  • “What Bar?”—Our sofa bed mattresses won’t bottom out, even with 2 people weighing over 250 lbs. We’ve increased the compression in our Platinum model to create a firm, supportive feel. Even in a 4-inch thickness, it’s designed to hold up your body so you never feel the sofa bed mechanism underneath.
  • Durability—We designed the Platinum couch mattress model to stand up to the rigors of the sofa bed mechanism, opening, closing and being folded up for long periods of time. Our high density foam core (2.5 lb. density) has a high resilience, which will keep it coming back to its original shape for a long time. Our sofa bed mattresses are covered with the types of fabric (mattress ticking) that you would find on other mattresses in your house and are designed to last. We sew all the ticking seams and we never use flimsy zippers that might break or make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Custom Sizes—Sofa bed mechanisms come in a variety of sizes. We make hide a bed mattresses from 24 inches up to a 65 inches wide and in a variety of lengths. There is no added charge for this customization. Pricing is broken down by Twin, Full, Queen and Super Queen. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call, we’ll try to help.
  • Fast Shipping—Certain full and queen sofa bed mattress sizes (52″x72″, 54″x72″ and 60″x72″) ship within 48 hours. Custom sizes ship within 4-8 business days.
  • 5-Year Warranty—We use quality materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure the Platinum model will remain firm and resilient for years to come.
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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 16 × 15 in

65 reviews for Platinum Sofa Bed Mattress (4″)

  1. Rob Schoch

    Got here fast and fits perfectly!! Thanks for making camping more comfortable.

  2. Eugene G Waller

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZ ! ! ! If any viewers are reading this, what are you waiting for? This is a wonderful company and the mattresses is true to fit to order. May God Bless Replacement Mattress and there teams family.

  3. Donald Vriesen

    Hello, Mattress fits perfect. Very comfortable. Was contacted when mattress shipped. Fast free shipping. Thank you.

  4. Lou Ann miller

    I was not sure which mattress to order. I called after hours and reached one of the owners who directed me which mattress to order. It came in a box and opened up and fit beautifully I am using it in my horse trailer living quarters and I cannot feel the bottom of the trailer. it is very comfortable. The fabric that Is used is quite elegant. Being only 8 inches I am totally impressed. There is not much head room in the sleeping area. I needed the most compact mattress I could find. I’m impressed.

  5. Sandra

    Wonderful service! My mattress was quickly shipped and was exactly as expected. It fit perfectly in our RV sleep sofa. Customer contact was excellent. I’d highly recommend Replacement Mattress.

    • Andrew Weiss


      Thank you for your kind words. We are glad that you are happy and we appreciate you!

      Lou and Andy
      The “mattress guys” at replacement-mattress

  6. Peggy Trepanier

    The packaging was great! Very compact and easy to transport to the boat. Loved watching it expand after the shrink wrap was removed! Absolutely perfect fit! We both slept very well on it too!!

  7. Stan (verified owner)

    Fast service, excellent customer service and highly recommended!

  8. Mary

    I bought two custom size mattresses for our boat, and after two nights of sleeping on them, I am in love with the Admiral mattress! Supportive yet conforms to the body where it should. I would highly recommend the Admiral!

    • Andrew Weiss

      Thank you, Mary, for your fantastic recommendation! We appreciate it, and we appreciate YOU!

      Lou and Andy

  9. Linda

    Very helpful. Mattresses were good quality. Arrived on time. Love working with these folks!


    This mattress is so much more comfortable than the one that came with my sleeper sofa. It is the perfect hardness (not too hard, not too soft) and the company guarantee that the sleeper will not feel the middle bar is absolutely correct. I couldn’t be happier with the mattress. Unfortunately for me the mattress would not fold into the sofa and therefore I could not use it.
    Customer service is outstanding! I called the company on a Sunday and got an immediate call-back. After Replacement Mattress called their manufacturer and the manufacturer of my sleeper sofa it was determined that this mattress would not work for me. All my money was refunded (except for shipping costs) and I kept the mattress (I will find it a good home). I highly recommend this mattress and the company.

  11. Cliff Labbe (verified owner)

    You made a custom sized mattress and cover to our unique size . We have used it and it is very comfortable.

  12. Jeanne Smith

    Very satisfied. If you know where I can purchase linen, please let me know.

  13. Victoria A Wallace (verified owner)

    Mattress fit perfectly. Thank you Lou, for walking me through the process.

  14. Corinne Aimable (verified owner)

    Easy to order. Timely delivery and fantastic mattress!!!

  15. Lawson (verified owner)

    I was so impressed with the professionalism of the person who helped me select our mattress, and the speedy delivery. Also, the mattress was well packed in a compact package and expanded beautifully to fit the bed. And it is far superior to what we had before. I plan to buy two more.

  16. C. Seifert

    This company has great customer service. I had a problem ordering (my fault) and got a call — even on your day off. — and a follow-up as promised. Everything was fixed and the Gold Sofa Bed mattress arrived very quickly. We appreciate that the correct size mattress was available for the old sofabed that came with the house. Quality is great and we are sure it will be comfortable for guests.

  17. Laura Pavel (verified owner)

    It is better than I expected!
    I love it.

  18. Philip J Zell (verified owner)

    The mattress is just what we needed. Thank you for your great service.

  19. I B Santore (verified owner)

    Where does one go to order a replacement mattress for a treasured pull-out sofa? Online, of course, to ‘pick a site’ and pray it’s the right venue! An angel was guiding me that day for sure, as, after going down the list of random pop-ups, I landed on Replacement Mattress. Their site was easy to navigate and very informative. I called anyway to speak with a “real” person. I had a wonderful conversation with Lou. He answered every question and explained their process in detail. He guided me through the proper measurements and yes, indeed, my measurements indicated the need for a custom-sized mattress (I measured twice, to be sure). Replacement Mattress specifically size – by the inch! – to ensure a great fit. Oh, did I mention I ordered my queen-sized 4″ Platinum mattress online after speaking with Lou on December 27th? Yes, indeed…the busiest time of the year. True to what Lou told me, my mattress was constructed – AND DELIVERED – the first week of January! So… “The Box” arrived. The mattress was beautifully packed with every ounce of air removed, making it easy for me, a senior, to move it to the right room and dismantle it. As soon as the last piece of wrap was removed – poof! – there it was … “full blown” and a PERFECT fit! It is beautiflly made, no, I can’t feel the springs or bars underneath and I couldn’t be happier! I’m ready for my out-of-state grandchildren to visit!

  20. Helen Schlaich

    Very comfortable mattress. Delivered quickly. Packaged very well. Perfect fit.

  21. Linda Ambrosio

    The mattress we ordered for our new motor home, looked perfect and fit the area perfectly. Headed out for a shake down trip just few days ago. I am a soft bed lover, husband likes hard mattress. We both slept comfortable all night. That is a great plus. I’m the really picky one, and if I am comfortable it’s a winner. Your mattress is just fine, and if anyone we know wonders where to get a comphy mattress for their motor home or home, you will be recommended for sure.

  22. volkswagon

    Very nice quality!

  23. Nancy Chiswick

    Everything was superlative, from the product to the delivery.

  24. David R (verified owner)

    The sofa bed mattress I ordered was perfect and the delivery service followed the exact instructions I provided.

  25. Bob (verified owner)

    Great mattress, Great price, Great service! Was shopping for a hard to find mattress size for a sleeper sofa and they delivered! They helped me with sizing and their claim of “you wont feel the bar” was so TRUE! Would highly recommend!

  26. James Hill (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the fit and finish of the new mattress. Very firm and comfortable, an excellent replacement for the sleeper on my 1968 vintage houseboat. The mattress is beautifully crafted an was obviously hand made to slightly unusual dimensions.

    • Andrew Weiss

      Mr. Hill,
      We are very happy that you are happy!
      All the best,
      Lou, David, Andy and Larry

  27. Becky Alkire (verified owner)

    I needed a mattress to replace my RV pull out sofa mattress and was extremely fortunate to find Replacement Mattress online. Customer service is worth ten stars, if that were allowed. The mattress was also perfect. I’m truly pleased with how well it fit. It seemed a little firm at first but was super comfortable after a few days sleeping on it.

    • Andrew Weiss

      Ms Alkire,
      All of us at appreciate your kind words, and are extremely happy that you are pleased with your purchase from us.
      All the best,
      Lou, David, Andy and Larry
      The mattress guys…

  28. Paul Harris

    replaced the mattress in our RV with the one we got from you it is so good and fit perfect to the size we sent you and now we can get a good night sleep with no back pain in the AM gave your name and number to a few people that have campers that we fish with

  29. Paul Harris


    • Andrew Weiss

      We are so very happy that you are pleased with your purchase, and are thrilled that you are recommending us!

      David, Andy, Lou and Larry
      The mattress guys @

  30. Dina Schoonmaker

    We are very pleased with out new mattress. Two guests who have already slept on it echo our praise. It was expertly and amazingly vacuum packed in a box and easy to open and set up.

  31. John Barrett

    I was overly impressed when my replacement mattress arrived. It was an oddball size for an older sleeper/loveseat but was a perfect fit, of excellent quality and included the tie-downs just like on the old mattress, which had seen better days. It is firm and comfortable and, most importantly, my wife pronounced it a good purchase!

  32. Charles Milburn

    Ordered replacement mattress for sleeper sofa in 2003 motorhome. They had just what I needed. Received in 2 days. The fit was perfect!! All closed up with no problem. Had out of town guest sleep on it 3 days after installing. They said that it was very comfortable. No odor.

  33. Kathy Tetro (verified owner)

    I was happy with the service and delivery.

    I was not able to give 5 stars because none has slept on it yet but it fit very well into my 20 year old sleeper sofa.

  34. Richard N Hurley (verified owner)

    Nothing is ever going to take the place of regular firm mattress, but the Platinum Replacement Mattress certainly works for a fold-out. Previously there was an air mattress with this couch and it was awful. When it started leaking we found You.

  35. Cathi Frye

    I am very pleased with our pull out sofa replacement mattress. You never know what you might get.

  36. Fred Sechan

    Louis was a great source of help and information to ensure I selected the proper mattress for size and comfort. Very happy with their service and the American made product.

  37. Rich & Ranée Kay

    3&1/2 months of great sleeping on your product!!! Glad we found your company!

  38. Bernie Spivack (verified owner)

    Great product. Most helpful in learning how to choose correct mattress for my needs. Thank you. Service was quick

  39. Donna B.

    I am very impressed with this company. We replaced a sleeper sofa mattress which was a custom size. I had questions, and called customer service and got a very helpful man and who reminded me of the specific measurements I would need to take which would have been incorrect otherwise. The mattress arrived in a very timely manner and was very securely wrapped in plastic. It’s 5″ and so plush and comfortable. I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience with this company.

  40. Dewey (verified owner)

    Hard as a rock.


      Hi Dewey, our promise (given the constraints of a sofa bed mattress being 4″) is that our mattress offers maximum support for the sleeper(s), that the sofa sleeper mattress is durable, stands up to being folded and unfolded many times while being stored in a folded position, that the Platinum sofa bed mattress will not bottom out under 250 lbs per person and the sleeper(s) will not feel the bar. All these aspects affect firmness as well. If you consider the mattress to be too hard, you can have the best of both worlds (support & durability and plush feel) by adding a topper pad after the sofa bed is opened (with the note that the topper would need to be stored separately). Hope this helps.

  41. Michael Thuroff (verified owner)

    I am without most of the back pain I experience on the old mattress. That is great. However, it seems like the mattress is sinking in the area I sleep. At first it was solid. Not so much after the time I’ve had it. My weight may cause it to lose the support needed. Won’t know for a while though. I admit that the quality is there. Thank you.


      We’re glad that your back pain improved, Michael. As we mentioned on the phone, the Platinum mattress can hold up 2 people weighing 250lbs each, however the weight distribution might be different in your case. Also, even the best sofa bed mechanisms have limitations as far as supporting the mattress, especially when it’s being used on an everyday basis. Nonetheless, we hope that you will have a good night’s sleep on the mattress for years to come.

  42. Anne S. (verified owner)

    We received the mattress and it is very comfortable. Thank you for shipping it so quickly. Very pleased.


      We’re happy you’re pleased Anne. Hope you and/or your guest will enjoy it for a long time.

  43. Gail Conaway (verified owner)

    My husband and I are very satisfied with the replacement mattress for our 2006 Newmar Motorhome sofa bed. It was easy to order, came to us in no time at all, and fit perfectly. We just took our first trip this Spring and our son and his wife were the first to sleep on it. They said it was great, had no problem sleeping on it at all. Could not feel the springs or the bars on the sofa bed base. We would definitely use again!


      We’re glad the whole family finds the mattress comfortable, Gail. Happy travels!

  44. John C. Griffin,Jr

    Your replacement mattress simply live’s up it’s billing. My sleeper sofa now feel’s like, well a bed. To the Replacement Mattress staff, a hearty thank you, for your help and consideration.


      We’re glad we could help John. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

  45. george

    I contacted Lou Leibowitz and we talked about the best firm and long lasting mattress was the best. I had a hide abed and decided to change the mattress scheme. These mattresses are the best you’ll find anywhere and are very high quality and constructed with precision…..These platinum mattresses are the
    best …….thanks Lou for all your help. When you buy one of these you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!! 5.0 is to low

  46. Nancy DesJardins

    I was in a difficult place, with an air mattress on a sofa sleeper failure. Thought I would be buying an entire new piece of furniture.. Found Replacement and after a few minutes with Lou, life was good again! great mattress, great service…and I have an RV…so may see you again in the future! Thanks!!!

  47. Eradio Arredondo

    Helpful, so far.
    Easier to order

  48. Michael Mellott

    We have this very old sleeper sofa that is still a beautiful piece of furniture but the coil spring mattress was in very bad shape. It had an odd shape and I didn’t think we’d be able to get a new one. Enter Their website is one of the best organized and most informative sites out there. They are able to build a custom sized mattress and get it to you in a very reasonable time. They made our old, beautiful but unusable sofa sleeper whole again. Thanks guys.

  49. John

    I ordered the platinum mattress and it’s very comfortable and firm as advertised. The mattress fit perfectly and Is used as my main bed. This mattress is better than the original sofa bed mattress for comfort.

  50. Donald

    The ‘kids’ (thirty year old daughter and husband, both 6 foot tall) came in from out of town and used the brand new mattress. It got great reviews, they didn’t feel the bar and it didn’t collapse in the middle for the bowl effect!

  51. Jerry K

    I ordered a custom sized Platinum Sofa Bed Mattress. I was
    a bit concerned about delivery as I travel a bit so I called.
    Lou was able to tell me where my mattress was in production
    and when it would ship. It shipped on time and arrived a
    day early. This mattress turned a 40 year old Simmons hide-a-bed into better than new. I’ve tested it several times now as our
    condo is being remodeled, you don’t feel the bars, I’ve
    slept great. The new mattress fits perfect, the sofa bed closes
    just right and now even the sofa is more comfortable to sit on.
    Thank you replacement-mattress! Jerry, La Jolla, CA

  52. diana gossy

    I have a 20+ year old leather sofa/bed that was made of very very high quality materials back when things were incredibly well made for a higher price. The sofa looks almost as good as the day my grandparents got it and I didn’t see any reason to give it up when the mattress finally came to its end. Thanks to REPLACEMENT MATTRESS for a great quality product. Ordering was a breeze and they shipped in a very timely manner!!!

  53. Karen McCarthy

    I am thrilled to be able to tell anyone interested in your replacement mattress products that this was the best decision I made for our sleep sofas. My husband and I purchased a new camp and the previous owner left us a great sleep loveseat and sofa. However, the mattresses we horrible. I researched and came across this website and ordered 2 Platinum mattresses. 1 was a standard queen size and the other a customer size for the loveseat sleeper. Expecting 2 -3 weeks for delivery, I was shocked when they arrived within a week!! And then to find the quality to be so superior to anything I could find in my research was just the icing on the cake. My 6′ 6″ / 200lb. niece’s boyfriend said “I slept like a baby!” We will have these mattresses for many years! Thank you for your great Products & Service and for being Made in the USA!! –

  54. Karen

    We hadn’t realized how awful our old sofa bed mattress had become until some friends showed up with an inflatable bed to use during their visit. After doing some research, we chose to buy a Platinum 4″ mattress from Replacement-Mattress to replace the old one. The measuring instructions were helpful, the ordering process was straightforward, and the mattress arrived promptly and in good condition. The next time our friends visited, they again brought their inflatable bed… but it never left the trunk of their car. I’ll be back the next time I need a replacement.

  55. Jacer

    I needed to replace 2 sofa mattresses.
    I first purchased the Platinum. Way too hard. I plan on having my 250 pounder nephew sleep on it to soften it up!
    I then ordered the Gold which is much better.

  56. Pinky

    The mattress is very nice and true to the size. Yes,I would recommend this mattress.

  57. Pinky

    The mattress is very nice and true to the size. Yes,I would recommend this mattress.

  58. Mabel T Flowers

    The replacement mattress for my sleeping sofa was perfect. My grandchildren said it is very comfortable. It’s good to know that they can have a comfortable sleep when they visit from out of town. The mattress arrived quickly, was packaged well, and was easy to put onto the sofa. It folded into the sofa with no problems.

  59. Lee Keith

    I haven’t bought a mattress yet but I can’t find any reviews for the 4 inch


      Thank you for turning to us with your question Lee. All the reviews on our Platinum sofa replacement mattress page are related to the 4 inch thick mattress, as we offer this type of hide a bed mattress only in 4 inch (the thickness of our Gold sofa mattress is available in both 4 and 5 inches). Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  60. Selina Cleck Hoffman

    I haven’t received our mattress yet, but just speaking to the gentleman helping me to order was wonderful. It is nice to know that there still is customer service people that really care and I can understand! Thank you for your help and looking forward to receiving our mattress.
    Selina Cleck Hoffman, PA

  61. Viviana Gomez

    We ordered this mattress for our queen sleeper from Haverty’s. The old mattress was horrible as we could feel the springs. This new platinum foam mattress does not look that thick; however, it is comfortable and we are able to fold our queen sleeper easily. I’m glad we found this site and gave it a try. We will definitely keep you information for our next upgrade.

  62. joe cornett

    I want a price please. cant figure out where to get in the web site. Will write a review later, if I buy one.


      Hi Joe,
      To get the accurate price for your mattress, on the top of the page select the Width and Length of your desired mattress, the price will be updated automatically. After that in order to order, you just have to click on the “Add to Cart”, and follow the next steps. If you experience any problems, please call us at 888.889.2812.

  63. Gary Hageman

    We recently purchased a 2000 class C Jayco motorhome. We have owned several motorhomes and campers over the years. This one had the absolutely worst bed we ever used. This torture device has a heavy steel frame with a supporting web of piano wire under a canvas tarp. The mattress was of the cheapest … etc. We replaced it with the mattress from these folks and their claims are true. You don’t feel the supports. Fit was perfect. We are very pleased!

  64. Charles cole

    mattress fits great. Staff very helpful in getting what we needed to fit an antique hide a bed. Would definitely recommend this company and would use it again.

  65. Jeanne Smith

    Our platinum mattress turned out to be exactly as advertised. It is very firm, very comfortable. I also appreciated the information I received from this company; they spent a great deal of time with me over the phone, answering all my questions thoroughly. Our sleep sofa is an old one, so I wasn’t quite sure if things would work out; they did! Highly recommend.

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