Ordering a Coachmen RV Mattress

An RV is a home away from home. Whether going on a trip or using it for permanent abode, if you do not have a relaxing motorhome mattress there can be problems. Since the Coachmen Company makes a number RV types (motorhomes, trailers, etc.) and within each category a number of models, such as Mirada, Mirada Select, Cross Country, Cross Country SRA, Pursuit etc. each has its own sleeping arrangements and size of mattresses.

Coachmen RV mattresses

RV Mattress Types

When looking for a Coachmen RV mattress, it is important to choose one that will fit your particular situation. Innerspring mattresses are difficult to put in an RV and are more often than not rather uncomfortable. In comparison, foam, memory foam or latex mattresses are easy to install (they come rolled up) and are more comfortable as well. This makes it important to check out the various Coachmen mattresses that are available, which will fit in your current RV and give you a good night’s sleep.

There are a number of Coachmen mattresses available ranging from foam, memory foam and latex. Latex mattresses are high-end products and the price reflects it, but with foam/memory foam mattresses you receive the best value for your money. At Replacement-Mattress.com we have two foam Coachmen mattress models: the 5 inch thick Countess mattress which is ideal if you have height restrictions (like in the case of bunk beds), and the 8 inch thick Princess Mattress. If a 8 inch thick mattress fits in your motorhome or trailer, you can also opt for our memory foam RV mattress. All our RV mattresses use state-of-the-art materials and are designed to provide the ultimate in sleeping comfort.

Coachmen RV Mattress Shapes and Sizes

Coachmen RV mattresses can have various shapes and sizes, in which case a custom made RV mattress is your best bet, as it will be made to your exact measurements. It can be round, octagon, regular size, an RV queen mattress or whatever will fit your particular requirements.

Measurements are done by using a tape measure and carefully taking measurement of the area where your mattress will rest. This means measuring from one inside rail to the other. Mattress length is made by measuring from the headboard to the foot-board.

It is important to measure the mattress area carefully as, once ordered, a custom trailer mattress cannot be returned. It takes approximately two weeks to complete an order.

Sofa Bed Mattresses in Coachmen RVs

If your RV features a sofa bed, it is important to choose a mattress especially designed for this purpose, as these are usually shorter than the usual sleeper sofa mattresses you can find in stores. The first step, when ordering a custom RV sofa bed mattress is to measure the inside width and length of the sofa bed mechanism. This will assure that your mattress will fold into the sofa during the day time.

It is also essential that the mattress fits your sofa bed mechanism correctly. This is determined by measuring the distance between the top and bottom of the mechanism at the crease of the old mattress, when folded into a sofa. This is approximately 8-10 inches; a measurement of just over 8 inches would mean a 4” thick sofa replacement bed mattress is required, while if the distance is 10 inches you can purchase a 5” sofa mattress. Incorrect measurements will not allow the mechanism to operate properly and can cause damage.

Choosing the proper mattress for your Coachmen RV will assure that you have many nights of sleeping comfort and can enjoy of the traveling experience!