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Princess Camper Mattress (8″)

Greetings, Campers!

Our "Princess" model is a 3" thicker version of our "Countess" camper mattress model. For the serious RV enthusiast, this is our mid-level mattress. Your friends and you will wake up feeling refreshed and will appreciate the sleep you get on this trailer mattress. The additional 3 inches of foam support found in this mattress will enable two people, weighing up to 250 pounds each, to be properly supported while in bed, no matter what they're doing!

The foam found in our "Princess" mattress has a foam density of 1.8-1.9 pounds/ft^3. This mattress has been designed to be the perfect balance between cost and comfort in an 8" thick mattress. When space above the mattress is plentiful, this mattress is ideal.

The "Princess" mattress includes a sewn cover with a tape edge. The bottom of the RV mattress cover is made from skid resistant high-tech material and the top sleeping surfaces and sides are constructed from an attractive and high quality quilted damask.

  • Optimized for the Perfect Mix of Support and Value – The core of this mattress is 8" which maximizes the amount of support offered. We live in a world where we want to believe bigger is better. However, if we made this RV mattress thicker, the only thing we would be doing is making it thicker and more expensive; not necessarily better.
  • 8" Thick – Tossing and Turning? Rest assured. The "Princess" model will minimize the amount you and your partner feel each other moving around.
  • "Medium-Firm" Feel – The "Princess" is designed for those who prefer their mattress not be too firm or too soft. This RV mattress is firm but not as hard as sleeping a carpeted floor; and it's soft, but not as flimsy as sleep on a bed of cotton balls. You can make it softer by the addition of a soft topper pad, nothing like a little versatility.
  • Heavy Duty – Designed for the harsh conditions found in the "Great Outdoors." Construction counts when you want a camper mattress to last in an extreme environment. The inside of your RV can be extreme, from hot in summer to cold in the winter. Our mattress ticking which is the cover, the high density of our foam which enhances both the quality and support factor, and our "tried and true" construction methods are designed with this is mind.


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"Excellent mattress" -
"Excellent mattress Comfy, fits perfectly and arrived on time as promised Highly recommended"
"Glad we bought the mattress" -
"We went camping this week and slept on the new mattress for the first time. I was a little concerned it might be too firm but my husband and I both slept comfortably. My husband commented more than once he was glad we bought the mattress."
"Awesome upgrade" -
"I never thought a camper could be so comfortable. This matress is mor comfortable than my home bed that costs much more. I love being in my camper and this matress makes me love waking up inmy camper."

ReplacementMattress: Great to hear it Gene! Thank you for your purchase and review.

"human" -
"hoping i can find what i need. looking for unusual dementions"

ReplacementMattress: We're sure that you'll find what you're looking for Debbie! We can manufacture any dimension you need.

"perfect" -
"This is the best mattress and sleep I have had in years . Thank You for the very prompt service."
"so far so good" -
"Have researched rv mattresses and these look good, we'll see."
"" -
"easy and simple site i like it."
"perfect" -
"This is the best mattress and sleep I have had in years . Thank You for the very prompt service."
"Tracy" -
"Spoke with someone on the phone yesterday who was helpful and patient in helping me to pick the right mattress"
"Mrs." -
"Seems easy enough to use, hopefully the quality will be good."

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