Where to Buy an RV Mattress?

Furniture stores, mattress stores, stores which sell RV part or accessories and online RV mattress stores are the options you have available when wanting to buy an RV mattress. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, which we outlined below.

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Furniture Stores

While there are numerous freestanding furniture stores, many of them only offer a handful of RV mattresses in their inventory. Because they are a more specialized item, furniture stores typically offer only a few rectangular sizes. Additionally, they usually won’t have them on display, so testing it out is usually not an option.

General Mattress Store

While these businesses may be easier to find and are more likely to have camper mattresses, they also offer only rectangular mattresses and only a few “standard” sizes (as a typical furniture store), making it just as unlikely they’ll have one for you to test out in the store.

Stores with RV Parts/Accessories

These stores are generally hard to come by (this directory might help you find one in your area), and while they may have a larger selection of RV mattresses in various shapes, sizes and materials, they typically don’t allow you to test it out in the store, as with the general mattress retailer or furniture store.


When it is time to purchase a mattress, your best bet is to buy it online. Purchasing a trailer mattress online is the most convenient, sensible option when you’re in need of a new sleeping surface for your vehicle. While you can’t test it out, as explained above, it’s unlikely you’d be able to test it anyway at any brick and mortar store.
However, shopping for an RV mattress online has many more benefits! When you shop online, you’re able to choose from more sizes, shapes and materials to suit your specific needs. You can order a full, queen, king or bunk RV mattress to your specific dimensions and choose materials and shapes that are most comfortable for you and your family. Also, you’ll find a wider selection at lower prices compared to a brick and mortar store to furnish your sleeping areas with a new camper mattress.
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