Top Tips for Buying a Quality Sofa Bed

Sofa unfolded into bed near wooden wall in room.

There are many reasons you will love having a sofa bed, but you won’t be able to reap the full benefits if you don’t choose a high-quality one!

When shopping for a sofa bed, it helps to remember that it will most often be primarily used as seating. So, it makes sense to look for the same features you would in a regular sofa, such as a design that fits your needs and style preferences. The only difference is that you will also be looking for a comfortable mattress and efficient operating mechanisms.

Here are a few top tips for buying a quality sofa bed.

Look for a Hardwood Frame

The strongest and most durable frames for any sofa, including sofa beds, are those made of kiln-dried hardwood or a combination of kiln-dried hardwood and furniture-grade plywood. Avoid buying frames made of softer woods such as pine.

Plan Placement Ahead of Time

Sleeper sofas can get veryheavy because of the inner mattress. They also have more inner working parts, and stress points, meaning moving them around down the line can potentially instigate internal damage. Try your best to map out the sleeper sofa’s permanent home in advance!

Inspect Mechanisms

The mechanisms in a good sleeper should lift up and out in one smooth motion without squeaking or sticking. Look for units designed with a lock-down bar to ensure proper closure and easy opening. Inspect carefully to ensure the opening mechanism is put together well and parts will not break or get loose easily.

Check Mattress Quality

A quality mattress makes for a good night’s sleep and comfortably supports the body at the shoulders, hips, and lower back. A thicker mattress is not necessarily better; a thinner, better-built one might offer more support. You can also consider using a comfortable mattress pad on top when you use the sofa bed for sleeping.

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