This Is Why You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping on an Air Mattress Long-Term

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Almost everybody has spent a night or two on an air mattress at some point. While there’s no harm in sleeping on an inflatable mattress during your annual camping trip or when you stay at your mom’s for Christmas, it’s not something you want to turn into a habit.

It might be tempting to save some money and use an air mattress for an RV bed or if your at-home sleeping arrangements have been feeling cramped. But crashing on an air mattress long-term can have a seriously negative impact on your sleep quality for a few different reasons.

Lack of Support

Not getting enough or the right type of support while you sleep can cause issues with spine alignment. Over time, this misalignment will likely lead to consistent pain (especially in your back) and muscle discomfort. Without proper support from your mattress, you won’t be able to get restorative sleep.

No Temperature Regulation

It’s difficult to get a good night’s sleep if your body is too hot or cold. Regular mattresses made with foam, springs, or a combination of the two, are designed to facilitate airflow while you’re sleeping. The synthetic materials that an air mattress is made of (latex, vinyl, plastic), on the other hand, are not breathable at all. On warm nights, this means your body heat will build up and, unable to disperse, make you sweaty and uncomfortable. On cold nights, the air in the mattress will get colder and your body temperature will drop, also preventing you from getting quality sleep.

Motion Transfer

If you’re not sleeping alone, you’ll be able to feel your partner’s every toss and turn on an air mattress. Neither of you will be able to sleep well and the resulting affect on your moods can negatively impact your relationship. Plus, with the extra weight of another body, the air mattress can become too firm to provide any comfort.

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