How to Sleep Better on Your Boat

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Insomnia; sea sickness; distracting noises and smells; an unfamiliar bed; there are a lot of things that can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep out on the water. The problem is that in order to be able to fully enjoy your days on your boat, you need to be able to get some decent shut-eye when you spend your nights on it too. So, what is a sailor to do?

If you’re having trouble getting good sleep on your boat, here are a few things you can do to help!

Make it feel like home.

Try to mimic the sleeping conditions of home as closely as possible when you’re out on the water. You can do this by investing in a quality mattress, using sheets, pillows, and blankets you like, and packing your favorite (warm!) pajamas.

Stick to your normal bedtime routine.

Following your usual pre-sleep rituals on your boat will help get your mind and body prepared for sleep. Think of it as notifying your internal clock that it’s time for bed. Complete all of your normal before bed tasks—brushing your teeth, reading a book, drinking herbal tea, etc.—and keep to a similar sleep/wake up schedule.

Secure loose items on board.

The sound of loose objects rolling around on your boat at night can easily prevent and disrupt good sleep. Before you hit the hay, take the time to fasten down items like water bottles, used dishes, pens, jewelry, tools, etc. or throw them in a bag to keep them in place on unsteady nighttime waters.

Keep bugs and moisture out of your bunk.

Two of the biggest nuisances that can ruin your sleep on the water? Bugs (mosquitos especially) and moisture. When you plan on sleeping on your boat, come prepared with bug repellant and/or screens to protect you as you sleep. Your marine mattress should also be outfitted with a waterproof mattress protector to keep it dry, comfortable, and free of mold, mildew, allergens, and bacteria.

The first rule of good sleep no matter where you are? It starts with a good mattress. To keep you well-rested and comfortable while you’re cruising out on the water, Replacement Mattress offers three different high-quality marine mattress models to suit your sleeping needs. Our boat mattresses are available in standard or custom shapes and sizes, so you can get the support you need in any marine sleeping space.

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