Small Flat? Consider These Space Saving Beds!

Small flat with sleeper sofa

We all like to furnish our homes with furniture that happens to be a marvel to many. However, most of us are constrained when it comes to availability of space, especially if you live in a small flat. With a bed being a necessity, it becomes harder for you as a homeowner to get the right option, a choice that will eventually lead to your emotional satisfaction.

However, there are a few spacing beds that might be ideal for you. They include:
1. A sofa bed;
2. Murphy bed;
3. Kid’s bunk bed; and
4. A folding bed.

Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is a seat that integrates a bed into its structure. Although the couch bed’s creation was initially done to offer seating services to people, it also doubles as a retractable bed. Combining these two functions into one is a great way of saving you space, especially if your room is small. An advantage of this type of furniture is that it makes use of standard seat cushions, or can also utilize a sleeper sofa mattress. Also, the sleeper sofa mattress is made use of whenever the need arises and is a perfect substitute for couch cushions. However, when you choose to use this bed, you undermine your privacy since the living room is an environment where personal space is not a priority.

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is a sleeping platform suspended on a wall. What makes this bed spectacular is the fact that it is attached to a wall. Besides, suspension of the Murphy bed is possible whenever it is not in use. Also, the Murphy bed easily blends in with the wall symmetry thus making it hardly noticeable. Such a bed can accommodate both a small and a large Murphy bed mattress, thus making it one of the ideal sleeping platforms for small flats. Besides, the Murphy bed can be used a seat, especially for home entertainment. Nevertheless, the bed is large and bulky thus making it rather impossible to set up and detach it every day.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are ideal for children. They are the perfect option for sleeping space especially if you are raising a large family within a confined space. Bunk beds are fascinating in both size and design since one can always be creative while developing them. Apart from offering a sleeping platform, they also offer you additional space for storage of shoes and books, the reason being they are usually built-in with underbelly drawers. As a result, they also end up being more stable.

This kind of bed usually goes hand in hand with a bunk mattress. Something advantageous about bunk bed mattresses is that they come in varying sizes and thicknesses. Also, these sleeping foams are comfortable for your children. However, bunk beds require ample vertical space so as to avoid one of the kids bumping his head on the ceiling.

A Folding Bed

Folding beds, as the name suggests are sleeping platforms that can be separated into two folds whenever they are not in use. For this reason, they can be put out of sight whenever they are not in use. Most of these beds are made from metallic frames, and might not necessarily be aesthetically appealing. Nonetheless, they are a good option for guests.