How to Make Your Sofa Bed More Comfortable

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As a stylish couch by day and a cozy bed by night, you’d be hard-pressed to find a piece of furniture more practical or versatile than a sofa bed. There are a lot of great reasons every household should have a good-quality sofa bed. They offer an extra, hassle-free sleeping solution, save space, make a room multifunctional, and save you money.

Unfortunately, sofa beds don’t have a reputation for being the most comfortable spot to spend the night. The good news is though, we’ve got a few simple ways for you to upgrade your sofa bed and the sleeping experience of your guests along with it!

Use a mattress topper.

A mattress topper is a quick, easy, and affordable solution for taking your sofa bed to a new comfort level. Memory foam, down, and egg crate foam toppers are all excellent options for providing comfort and extra support at the same time. The more support your sofa bed has, the better night’s sleep you can expect to have.

Replace the mattress.

Most mattresses that come with sofa beds are too thin to provide long-term nighttime comfort and support. If you’re a frequent host or retreating to your sofa bed at night often, replace the standard mattress with a better-quality one. Find a mattress that has been designed for a sofa bed specifically, but thicker and with more “can’t feel the bar” support. This will be a more effective long-term solution.

Clean and flip the mattress after use.

Because a sofa bed doubles as a couch and a bed, it gets double the wear and mess. In order to keep it comfortable and in good shape, you should clean and flip your sofa bed mattress after every night of use. A simple once-over with a handheld vacuum should do the trick. Then, flip it over and clean the other side. Leaving the mattress flipped will also prevent imprints, helping to extend its life.

Dress it up with quality bedding.

Investing in quality bedding will make all the difference in terms of comfort for your sofa bed. When you prepare it for sleeping, use fresh, high-thread count sheets, a plush comforter or duvet, and fluffy down pillows. Arranging several layers of pillows can help fill in any gaps created when the mattress pulls out.

A foolproof way to make sure you and your guests dream sweetly in your sofa bed is to upgrade to a sofa bed mattress from Replacement Mattress! Our mattresses are made with high-density, high-compression foam cores, so you won’t feel the bar. They’re also available in a variety of custom sizes to fit any sofa bed perfectly.

For more information about our sofa bed mattress models, check out our online buying guide or contact the Replacement Mattress team today!

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  1. Karen Williams says:

    Mattress arrived a week earlier than expected! Will be a welcome change from the 25 year old mattress that was on the sofa bed. Watched the video on how to measure and I sent the measurements to you. Perfect fit! My cat found it purrrfectly comfortable and had a nap right away. Folded up nicely into the couch awaiting first use. Looking forward to many nights of sleeping comfortably.

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