Shopping for a Sofa Bed? Check Out These 5 Details Nobody Else Told You About

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Sofa beds serve two important purposes in homes and can provide a space to lounge or sleep each day. They’re ideal for guest rooms or family rooms where visitors can stay and enjoy a comfortable place to rest. When shopping for a sofa bed, there are a few important details that are easy to overlook when finding the right product to purchase.

1. Includes a Separate Sofa Bed Mattress

Many people may make the mistake of purchasing a hide a bed that has a sofa mattress that can’t be taken out (these are the ones that have a back which can be laid down to convert into a bed). Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to sleep on the product when the mattress becomes worn or loses its shape over the years. Purchase a sofa bed that has a sofa bed mattress that can be taken out to ensure that you don’t have to replace the entire thing in the future just because it became terribly uncomfortable to sleep on and you can’t replace the sofa mattress.

2. A Removable Slipcover Included

Many people make the mistake of purchasing a sofa bed that has a bold or unique style that becomes outdated in future years. Find a sofa bed that comes with a slipcover, besides the practicality of being able to wash the cover now and then, a slipcover will make it easy to change the color of the sofa without having to buy an entirely new product. You can create a new look in the home by covering the fabric with the slipcover and using different pillows to create an updated look.

3. Quality Fabric

The fabric that is used on the sofa bed is one of the most important factors of the couch and will determine how long the product lasts. The material should be waterproof to ensure that stains don’t develop easily with spills. If the fabric is not waterproof, it should come with a slipcover that won’t absorb stains easily.

4. A Durable Sofa Bed Frame

Find a sofa bed that comes with a durable frame that is constructed out of hardwood materials to ensure that it can support a significant amount of weight. The most durable frames are made from kiln-dried hardwood or a combination of kiln-dried hardwood and furniture-grade plywoods. This will allow the product to remain durable for several years without bending or breaking with frequent use.

5. Easy Open and Close Mechanism

You’ll have more ease of use with the product if it has an easy open and close mechanism with a smooth motion. This will make it easy to pull the sofa mattress out when you want to use it as a bed or put it back together in the morning without struggling. The product should have a lock-down bar for proper closure. The opening mechanism should also be constructed well to ensure that the parts stay in place and do not break over time. In any case, you can always replace the sofa bed mechanism if you need to (in the end, if used very often not even the best mechanisms last forever).

Have you ever thought of these aspects? What else would you take into consideration when buying a sofa bed? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.