5 Tips for Getting Your RV Mattress Ready to Hit the Road

To do list for RV trip

You’ve gotten the camper out of storage and stocked it with the necessities. But are you ready for your road trip? Your camper mattress is where you’ll spend one-third of your time on the road, so don’t just whip it out of storage (see here how to store the RV mattress in the first place). Before you leave, check for problems like:


One of the easiest problems to solve, expose your mattress to a full day of sunlight and fresh air. This method helps remove stains and resolve mold and mildew issues as well. If your trailer mattress still smells bad, look for reasons like mildew. If you don’t find any, use an odor eliminator spray or try the natural method and sprinkle the trailer mattress with baking soda. Let it work for a day then vacuum or wipe clean.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew get the same treatment. On the surface, brush it off and survey the damage. You may be able to save the RV mattress if the mold doesn’t extend far into the foam. Using a hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or natural disinfectant solution, gently scrub away as much of the staining as possible to help prevent re-growth.


Make sure you don’t take any nasties along for the ride by checking for bedbugs. Look for rusty reddish stains, eggs and shells about 1mm in length, and live bugs. If you find some, remove the mattress and seal it in a bug-safe bag. Clean the camper and follow DIY instructions to remain bedbug-free. It may be necessary or even economical to consider purchasing a new RV mattress.


While giving your camper mattress some sun can help remove many stains, others may require extra attention. A solution of three percent hydrogen peroxide can be sprayed lightly on the mattress. Allow it to work for a few minutes, then clear with a damp cloth. For tough stains, consider cleaners available online.


If you’re going to spend a third of your day on your camper mattress, you want it to be comfortable. If your mattress has gotten old and lumpy, it might be time for a replacement. Holes or tears can cause bumps in your bedding. While you might not be a princess with a pea, you’ll sleep better if your mattress doesn’t cause discomfort.

As an extra precaution, a mattress protector can help avoid rips, stains, and bug infestations. With your mattress in order, don’t forget to bring the comforts of home. Great sheets can make your night better, and you’ll thank yourself if you keep an extra set handy so you always have clean sheets available. While the great outdoors may be aromatherapy enough, bring your diffuser along if you typically use them. And of course, your favorite pillow should always be along for the journey!