RV Short Queen Mattress

RV living can be temporary or permanent, but it should always be comfortable. While the stock mattresses that come with RVs will certainly work for some, many of us need a bit more cushion. If you need a replacement RV short queen mattress, there are some things you should consider before actually buying. Read our tips below!

Spring or Foam?

While a short queen RV mattress may fit on your bed platform, installing the camper mattress may require some finagling. Tight corners and limited space are quite common in RVs, so if at all possible, consider a foam mattress or memory foam RV mattress (with a polyurethane foam support base). All foam mattresses can be easily customizable and arrive rolled and ready to move into your space.

Measure At Least Twice Before Ordering!

Depending on your trailer size and manufacturer, your mattress may have rounded corners or be a length specific to your trailer. For example, while a Jayco short queen mattress is a consistent 60″ by 74″, manufacturers of Forest River RVs offers a 60″ x 74″ or 75″. Keystone RV short queens are a consistent 60″ by 74″ but have rounded corners. No matter what motorhome you have, you can easily order the right mattress size online on our site.

Taller people will want as long a mattress as possible for the space, but if your RV mattress hangs over the end of the platform, it will start to wear and ultimately break down.

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Thickness Considerations

For those with back problems, it’s critical to outfit your RV with a mattress that provides adequate support and great comfort. Your vacation time away from home will not be improved by a backache. If you prefer a firm mattress and you’re less than 200 pounds, you may find that a 5-inch thick, high density foam mattress will suffice (1.8-1.9 pounds per cubic foot).

If you need more cushion, choose an RV mattress that’s at least 8 inches thick. And if you want an ultimate luxury in your RV, opt for an 8-inch memory foam mattress. This configuration will give you enough cushion to sink and settle into comfort in your home on the road.

RV Mattress Maintenance

A memory foam mattress will also eliminate the need for flipping. While an innerspring mattress often requires flipping, your memory foam mattress needn’t be flipped. Some manufacturers suggest that you rotate your mattress, but since you can roll it up, this process is much more easily done in a small space.

Why Not Just Throw a Topper On Your Existing Short Queen Mattress?

For the short term, adding a gel foam topper to your RV short queen mattress may be a good temporary fix. However, over time the topper will start to slide around and may bunch up. In addition, while lots of gel toppers have a washable cover, once you cut the topper the cover won’t fit properly; again, leading to bunches, creases and wear.

Be Comfortable!

Putting a good quality, properly fitted mattress on your short queen bed frame is a great investment in your own comfort. Your vacations are supposed to be enjoyable, so do what you need to do to enjoy a comfy, cozy sleeping spot. You’re worth it!