9 Healthy Habits of Truck Drivers

Semi truck drivers on the road

Driving a truck is fun and allows you to explore open roads. However, being a truck driver can be unhealthy, especially if you have to sit throughout the day. This post will look into some of the ways truck drivers can stay healthy.

Eat the Right Foods
Allocate times where you can stop for food on the road. And don’t just go for any other food. You have to eat the right foods. Eat foods with less saturated fat such as fruits, whole grains and nuts. Avoid as much as you can red meat, beverages and sugary foods. Do not skip breakfast, even if it means you have to stock up extra food in the truck. In addition, eat smaller amount of foods. This will prevent you from feeling sleepy at the wheel.

Drink Water
You need to stay hydrated on the road. Water is important for your digestion as well as your mental function. When your brain detects insufficient water in the brain, it will adjust itself and operate at sub-optimal levels. This may affect your judgement and energy levels while on the road. Make sure you have enough water in the truck and always stop to refill.

Just because you are a truck driver doesn’t mean you don’t have to exercise. Create some time to exercise. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. You can as well exercise inside your vehicle. Do hand stretch to restore efficient blood flow in your hands after long hours on the steering wheel. If you have a sleeper cabin, you can do planks to strengthen the back muscles and core. Other exercises you can perform inside the truck include shoulder shrugs, abdominal crunch, dips (using the truck tires) and resistance band exercises.

You cannot afford to ignore the importance of sleep as a truck driver. Sleep allows your mind to re-energize and your body to refresh for the next day. Make sure you sleep at least six hours a day for optimal function the next day. And if you have trouble sleeping lately, replace your current mattress with a comfortable truck sleeper mattress.

Learn to Cope With Stress
You are more likely to develop stress on the road. Since stress can affect your judgement and impact your health negatively, you must learn to manage it. Take deep breaths for five minutes or meditate for 10 minutes to relieve tension and make you relax. Park the truck for a few minutes and just stand on the road breathing fresh air and observing nature. These are quick ways to relieve stress on the spot.

Maintain Healthy Relationships
Poor relationships, whether with your spouse or friends, can destroy your mood and increase your stress levels, so make sure you maintain healthy relationships. If someone annoys you, do not be quick to rebuke them. Take time and understand what makes them do what they do and react accordingly. Be polite to people, smile often, and just be friendly. You will be much happier.

Learn on the Go
Self-improvement is the key to living a fulfilling life, whether you are a truck driver, a doctor or politician. You can always improve yourself by learning. Audiobooks are a great way to learn on the go. Also, don’t be afraid to learn from your colleagues and seniors.

Do Not Smoke
Smoking kills. It even kills faster if you are a truck driver. A cigarette can cause fire in the vehicle, possibly putting you in danger. Not to mention, smoking while driving is illegal.

Be Safe
Always be safe. Ensure your truck is checked before hitting the road. Observe the road safety rules and drive defensively.