How to Prevent Mold from Growing on Your Boat Mattress

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There’s a lot to love about the boat life; the fresh air, freedom of the open water, escape from everyday responsibilities, opportunity to relax. Of course, like all great things in life, it does have its drawbacks too. As a consequence of being surrounded by water, one of those disadvantages is mold.

There are a lot of sneaky places mold can invade on your boat. Your mattress, where you return to sleep each night full of sweat, body oils, hair, and sometimes dirt, is especially susceptible to becoming a home for unwanted fungi. To fully enjoy your boating experiencing, take these steps below to prevent mold growth on your boat mattress!


The single most important thing you can do to prevent mold from growing on your mattress is ensure your boat is properly ventilated. Stagnant air is where mold thrives. If you keep air flowing at all times, especially in the bedroom area, you can prevent mold from becoming an issue. Installing vents and running fans are a few easy ways to improve air circulation around your mattress.

Check for and repair leaks.

If water is getting into your boat, it’s going to be difficult to fight off mold. Inspect all seals on your deck regularly, including hatches, ports, vents, scuppers, etc., for pooling water. Remove any deck rot you come across, fill and reseal the area, install new hardware over it, and apply new sealant. The drier you can keep your boat, the less likely mold is to grow anywhere.

Reduce humidity.

Along with stagnant air, mold loves humidity. Controlling humidity in your bedroom and on deck will help prevent mold from making a home on your mattress or anywhere else. If you’re going to be around to supervise, electric and plug-in dehumidifiers are okay. Chemical dehumidifiers, such as calcium chloride products that absorb air moisture, are going to be the safer option though.

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