How to Feng Shui Your Sofa Bed

Tools to use to feng shui your sofa bed

Together with a great sofa bed mattress, Feng Shui principles can greatly improve the sleep quality you get from your sofa bed. But you have a lot to consider when placing the bed because it serves both sleeping and waking needs.


First consider the sleep function. Whether you are using the hide a bed mattress for only guests or you use the sofa bed mattress to sleep on every night, these tips are essential to your feng shui efforts:

1. Do not align the bed directly with a doorway. The book Feng Shui in a Day calls this the death position. The term comes from ancient times when a death bed would be lined up with a doorway so the soul could depart. To avoid nightmares place the bed as far from doors as possible. Ideally you should see the door from the sofa bed (you will find yourself feeling safer while sitting or laying on the sofa bed), but its position hast to be offset.

Special tip: If you cannot avoid putting the bed in line with a door, hang a crystal or bamboo flutes between the door and the bed to interrupt the disturbing flow of chi.

2. A sofa bed is ideally placed against a southeast wall. That’s the compass direction associated with wealth in feng shui, so it will instill this value in you while you sleep. East is linked to health and this will contribute to rest as well.

3. Any sofa bed will serve you best if placed against a solid wall with no window behind the couch. Avoiding lines and openings behind the sofa bed keeps sleep unbroken.

4. Do not have a mirror at the foot of the bed. It will reflect your energy back at you in an unsettling loop, disturbing your peaceful rest.

5. Avoid placing the bed so that it faces a kitchen or bathroom. The sink drains pull chi away, which will drain you while you’re sleeping.

When your hide a bed is located in a living space, its feng shui needs are a little more complicated. The final two tips for sofa bed feng shui will aid its smooth integration into a place of activity.

6. Select colors for the pillows that support the mood and needs of the room. The best colors for feng shui depend on the location of the room in the building and your personal goals: blue in the north part of the house; earthy colors in the northeast and southwest; green in the east and southeast; pastel or white color pillows in the west and northwest; red, purple or similar colors in the south. Use two pillows to balance the look of the sofa bed. Don’t pile on a bunch of pillows. That will create an overloaded and chaotic feeling.

7. Always make the bed in the morning. Fold in the hide a bed mattress and return it to its sofa function. Avoiding lines and openings behind the bed keeps sleep unbroken.

Feng shui is very useful when you need to get optimal results from small spaces. Investing in a good quality sofa bed mattress will also aid sleep. An old or dirty mattress will drag the room’s mood down with stagnant energy. If you make any of the adjustments mentioned here, you should feel a difference right away.