How to Store Your RV or Marine Mattress

Couple having fun while packing away their RV mattress

There are several things you can do to protect your marine and RV mattress and keep it in good working order while it is being stored off-season. In order to keep your mattress in tip-top shape for longer, keep the following tips in mind when storing your camper or boat mattress.

1. Make sure your mattress is completely dry before you store it. If the mattress has wet spots or feels damp all over, let it dry completely before putting it in a storage bag. This will prevent mold from developing over time and ruining the mattress.

2. Avoid storing your mattress in direct sunlight or next to heat sources. Make sure there is adequate space between hot air vents from furnaces or electric heaters and your mattress as well to avoid overheating it and possibly causing a fire.

3. Always keep a waterproof, washable mattress protector over your mattress when it is use and a high quality mattress bag over it when it is in storage. Be sure to check the bag for tears and holes before using. If you detect any, tape over them to maintain the ability to seal the mattress away from mold and keep it dry.

4. Use climate-controlled storage whenever possible. Although RV and marine mattresses are heavy duty, meaning that they are more resistant to extreme temperatures than regular mattresses, the ability to keep your mattress in a constant temperature will help better preserve it and keep away moisture.

5. Clean your mattress and bedding before putting them in storage bags. This will help avoid introducing unwanted bacteria and possibly bugs into your storage unit. Follow these tips to clean your mattress properly.

6. Always lay the mattress flat when storing. Storing a foam mattress on its side can cause it to sag and affect its shape. If you have a need to store the foam mattress in a smaller space, it can be rolled. However, it is not advisable to store it this way for extended periods as it could result in a permanent inability to lay flat. For other types of mattresses, laying them on their side can cause coils, stuffings, and battings to shift which can result in a mattress that is no longer flat. If the boat or RV mattress is stored this way for a long period of time, it may not be able to be re-shaped.

7. Never set anything on top of the mattress in storage. The constant pressure on the mattress can cause a permanent indentation in the mattress and may render it unusable.

Investing in a comfortable mattress for your RV or boat is an important first step to getting a good night’s rest. They can last for several years if properly stored. Remember these tips to protect your investment for continued comfort with your replacement mattress.

Where do you store your marine or camper mattress during off-season?