Forest River RV Mattress

Traveling around the country in the comfort of a Forest River RV or travel trailer offers unsurpassed adventure and freedom. A crucial area of traveling that no one should overlook is the sleeping area. Traveling in comfort includes having a quality mattress. It’s best to replace an RV mattress or trailer mattress every four to six years. Replacement-Mattress offers the best quality, custom-designed mattresses for an RV or trailer.

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The Best Type of RV Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are great for the bedroom in your home, but they’re cumbersome and not ideal for an RV. This type of mattress isn’t versatile and it will be expensive to try and fit it to your specifications. Apart from being difficult and expensive to customize, they are also hard to maneuver into a small RV or trailer. Innerspring mattresses also are best when the springs can fully expand, meaning that box spring mattresses should be rather thick, and an RV won’t give you the kind of space required for that and will provide less-comfortable sleeping (more on this below).

Air mattresses also are an affordable option, but they’re prone to leaking. The pump could stop working, too, leaving you with a flat mattress and sleeping in the front seat, which will definitely ruin your vacation, especially because it’s rather cumbersome to find somewhere to repair the pump while you’re on the road.
A high-density polyurethane foam mattress is ideal for an RV or trailer. The mattresses are comfortable, durable, easy to customize and give you more support than an innerspring model of the same thickness. But not all foam mattresses are created equal. Look for a foam RV mattress which has a density of minimum 1.8 pounds per cubic feet, such a mattress will support a person weighing up to 200 pounds.

Most Common Mattress Shape and Sizes

Rectangular is the most common mattress shape for a Forest River RV or travel trailer. However, in some cases the mattresses need to have one or two cut corners, which, we at can also easily manufacture for you.

The three most common RV mattress sizes are the RV short queen (60×75/74), three-quarter size (48×75) and the RV king (72×75/80). There are other sizes, including twin, Cali king and more.

The thickness of the trailer mattress depends on how much room is available inside the RV or trailer. In a smaller RV or trailer, there is not an overabundance of sleeping space due to bunks or overhead cabins. If lack of space is an issue, choose a mattress that is five inches thick, which supports a person weighing up to 200 pounds. Our five-inch thick Countess mattress is manufactured with high density foam, requiring minimal height.

If space is not an issue, choose a mattress that is eight inches thick. An eight-inch thick mattress supports two people weighing up to 250 pounds each, which is ideal for couples. Also, an eight-inch thick mattress can have a memory foam layer, which gives you that extra plush feel. You can easily order online a rectangular or cut corner Forest River RV mattress with a width between 30 to 65 inches, and length between 68 to 79 inches. For any other shapes or sizes call us at our toll free number (888) 889-2812.

How to Measure for a New Forest River Mattress

We suggest measuring the platform for the mattress rather than the current bedding. You should consider how snug you want the mattress to be in the space. Adding in bedding and space to put on sheets also is a consideration in sizing.

To determine the size of your RV mattress, determine the inside area of the bed frame. Measure the length and width of the inside of the frame where the mattress will fit. Determine the desired height of the mattress. Measure in inches, and round your measurements down to the nearest lower inch, which in most cases will leave the necessary space for sheets.

Replacement-Mattress provides the ability to customize a perfect mattress for long-term comfort. Designing an ideal mattress is effortless on the website and guarantees a perfect fit for any recreational vehicle. We only use the highest-quality products and all our work is under warranty for five years. FedEx shipping is available in the Continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and military POs will be shipped by parcel post.