Pros and Cons of Sofa Beds

Woman thinking of pros and cons of sofa beds

Sofa beds are simple solutions for your guests’ needs or if you have a studio apartment for your own needs. They combine a casual area to sit and chat, and a sleeping area for yourself or your overnight guests. Sofa beds convert at a moment’s notice. They do have their advantages and disadvantages, however. Consider these factors that affect a standard, sofa bed mattress and you will make an educated decision about your next purchase with these concepts in mind.

Space-Saving Options

The main reason to choose sofa beds over other designs is the spacing-saving perks. They fit neatly into any corner while offering a stretched-out bed when nighttime arrives. Although you may find it difficult to pull the sofa out each night, it’s worth the effort when you see the space savings. In addition, you’ll also benefit from the storage options that are inherent to many sleeper sofa models. Small shelves and cubbyholes are possible in each design, depending on a given product.

Built-In Sofa Bed Mattresses Wear Down

There are different types of sofa beds and convertible sofas are the easiest to find sometimes. However, the downside to such sofa beds is the mattress wear. They’re normally attached to the frame, which makes them nearly impossible to change out. In such cases, over time, they become warped and uncomfortable. For guests that enjoy irregular visits at your house, these mattresses don’t make much of a negative impact. When you want to sleep on them as a regular bed, however, you’ll notice poor sleep quality. As a solution, choose sofa beds which have a separate sleeper sofa mattress instead of using the actual cushions as a mattress. In such cases you can easily replace the sofa mattress when it lost its comfyness, without needing to throw out the whole sofa. When the time comes, visit to find a high-quality sleeper sofa mattress at a reasonable price.

Versatility in Alternative Locations

Sofa beds are also perfectly designed for other locations, including recreational vehicles. Stretch the mattress out at bedtime, and it has a full-size sensation as you lay down on it. You don’t have to be uncomfortable on those long, road trips anymore.

Care Challenges

Owning a sofa bed in the past may have included issues with cleaning the sofa bed fabric and the mattress. It was often the case that the sofa looked old and worn even when it was only a few years old. Stains just wouldn’t fade away with these materials, but sleeper sofa manufacturers have improved their techniques. Today’s models have stain-resistant fabric, which allows you to wipe away those stains with certain cleaners. Simply follow the instructions so that every stain is quickly obliterated. Where the mattress is concerned follow these cleaning tips. Alternatively, hire a cleaning company in order to keep your sofa and mattress as new as possible. offers you several choices when it comes to a quality sleeper sofa mattress. Call us at (888) 889-2812 and ask as many questions as you desire so that you can pick out the right product for your guests or yourself.