Enjoy Your Health And Your RV Trip!

Couple having breakfast and coffee in their trailer

It’s easy to blow your diet and abandon your exercise program while you’re spending your vacation driving around the country in your RV. However, recovering from a long weekend of sedentary over-indulging is tough enough. An RV trip can last for weeks, and that’s just too long a time to lose track of your good health.

1. Exercise 30 minutes per day
Keeping up your exercise program is possible with just a little planning. Obviously, hiking trails, swimming or riding a bike close to your campsite are an ideal way to get your body moving and your blood pumping. But if weather or location are not working in your favor, some simple exercise tools can keep you limber and mobile.


a) Resistance bands are easy to find at any large department store, and are a great way to keep your spine supple after hours of sitting during the drive. Start gently with yourself by standing on a band and do ten bicep curls. Find a tree or a lamp post, wrap the band around it, and do ten rows. From that spot, turn around and do ten chest presses. Stand on the band again near one handle, extend one arm over your head and do tricep extensions. One resistance band can provide you with many exercises to keep your upper body fit.
b) Free weights travel easy and can quickly be packed. Many come with their own case. If you find a spot to take a good long walk, carry five pound weights to build wrist and forearm strength. You can add bicep curls at any point during the walk as well.
c) Pace your travel with technology. If you’re listening to a playlist, stop when the music loops and stretch out or grab your resistance band. If your passenger is watching a two-hour movie, use the length of the film to remind you to take a driving break, stretch and move a bit. Sitting for long periods of time is hard on your back and can lead you to feeling compressed. Walking strengthens and lengthens the spine.
d) Take a yoga mat and do some yoga outdoors, watch the video below for some travel yoga ideas.



2. Make healthy food choices
Restaurant food is not always your healthiest option. Portion sizes have gotten extreme and sodium contents are often high. Can you split your entrée with your traveling partner? Is the children’s menu an option? How about hitting a deli or a grocery store with a salad bar? Depending on your cooking capabilities in your RV (we highly recommend taking the grill, if you haven’t thought about it yet), is there a farmer’s market nearby? This could be a great chance to check out the local arts community, indulge in some organic produce and enjoy locally raised, grass fed beef or free range chicken, if you lean to the carnivore. Plus, you can get in a great walk!


3. Get enough rest
Finally, no matter how much fun your vacation has been, there’s nothing like getting home to your own bed. Of course, on an RV trip you get the added bonus of traveling with your own bed! Investing in a really comfortable RV mattress, a few great pillows and some cuddly bedding will ensure that your vacation will be invigorating, restful and restorative. And, of course remember to sleep 7-8 hours during your RV trip to restore your energy.


4. Stay sun safe
Do be certain to invest in some easy to apply sunblock to have close at hand for any outdoor fun. Also, if you like to drive with the windows rolled down, by applying sunblock you will protect yourself from a lopsided, one-armed sunburn!


Safe travels!