Cheap RV Mattress (or How to Save Money on a Replacement RV Mattress)

Save money on your RV mattress to have more money for travel

Deciding on an RV mattress can be a big decision. When sleeping in an RV, comfort is key. The entire purpose of RVing is to enjoy the great outdoors, while maintaining some of the comforts of home.  You’ll probably want to sleep on a comfortable mattress that won’t cost you a fortune, so we’re sharing a few tips to help you pick out a reasonably priced RV mattress.

Buy Online

The first tip to finding an affordable RV mattress is to shop online. This makes sense even considering shipping costs. Brick and mortar stores simply have higher overhead costs than online stores, and this winds up being passed through to their customers, making their prices significantly higher than their online competitors.  There are a lot of other advantages to shopping for a replacement mattress online too!

Cheap Custom RV Mattress Types

Search for foam mattresses if you need a custom-made mattress. Foam is generally cheaper than innerspring mattresses.

Another tip to keep in mind when designing a mattress is the type of foam. For a comfortable RV mattress, aim for an RV mattress made from foam with a density of 1.8-1.9 pounds per cubic foot.

Do you like a soft or firm mattress? This is another factor to consider when searching for “how to purchase a foam RV mattress.” When you finally select a mattress, make sure to check the foam’s Indentation Force Deflection (IFD). This is the measure of firmness. A higher IFD means a firmer mattress.

One last advantage of a foam mattress is that it arrives compressed and rolled up, so you are able to save on shipping costs! This will also make it easier to transport the affordable RV mattress to the RV since it is already rolled up! Simply place it on the bed, open the packaging and unroll.

Buy U.S. Made

To control the costs of shipping, whether paid directly by you or indirectly by the online retailer, search for mattresses made in the United States. In addition to supporting American merchants, you will also save money! Additionally, U.S. manufacturers adhere to the highest standards of product consistency. It does not get much better than made in the USA!

Take Advantage of Factory Prices

Buying directly from a manufacturer is a great way to save money on an RV mattress as well. The best way to access factory prices is to search for factory or outlet stores online. Look for sales or closeout prices for the best deal!

If you keep these in mind, it will be easy to purchase an affordable, new and comfortable camper mattress.

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