4 Reasons to Continue Boating During Autumn 

White luxury yacht in motion on the river in autumn

Summer is as good as gone, and the crisp fall air and colorful leaves are starting to appear. For some, this is usually the time of year to pack the swimsuits and sunscreen into storage for the colder months ahead, but that doesn’t mean you must say goodbye to your boat just yet! Fall time boating offers several advantages that the rest of the year cannot compare to!

Here are four reasons to continue boating during autumn.

1) Less Crowded

All that frustration of boating during the busy summer months melts away when fall time comes around. Since most people prefer boating in warm weather, fall boating means launch ramps and marinas are less crowded, along with sandbars and anchorages. Enjoy October and even some of November (depending on where you live) out on the water, basking in the peace.

2) Beautiful Scenery

Autumn is arguably the most magical time of year, with leaves changing into bright fiery colors, making for perfect backdrops and scenery for your fall boating adventure. The colder air is worth the chance to see the fall foliage with a breathtaking view from the water.

3) Fall Fishing

Whether you’re a saltwater or freshwater angler, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a nice catch in the fall. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass feed during autumn, preparing for the winter and fattening themselves up. If you live inland and have a shallow-draft boat that gives you access to the edges of lakes and rivers, you’re likely to score some.

In saltwater bays and offshore, a capable boat will get you to the bluefish and stripers, albacore and tautog, and flatfish like halibut and flounder.

4) Better for Your Boat

The longer you leave your boat unused, the more likely you will experience maintenance problems. However, by partaking in autumn boating, your boat will stay in good shape for longer. Plus, you can identify any issues that may have occurred over the summer and get those sorted before the problems become more dangerous.

Always check the weather reports and pack wisely to ensure you have a safe and comfortable boating experience during the autumn season!

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