Why a Mattress Protector is a Must-Have for Your Sleep Space

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Whether you’re buying it for your bed at home, RV, boat, truck cab, sofa bed, or any other sleeping area, a quality mattress is no small investment. Even if you’re as careful as possible, normal everyday wear and tear can take a serious toll on your mattress. The result? A shortened lifespan and a decrease in comfort.

There is some good news though. You can safeguard your mattress against this damage and deterioration with a simple, cost-effective solution—a mattress protector! Take a look at why we’ve put a mattress protector on our list of sleeping essentials for all of your slumber spots.

Keep your mattress clean.

A lot of nasty stuff we don’t like to think about builds up in the fibers of your mattress over time as you use it. Things like sweat, body oils, dead skin cells, hair, dust mites, and other allergens and bacteria naturally collect on your mattress and get absorbed. A mattress protector will prevent absorption. Instead of cleaning your whole mattress, you can simply clean the protector to make your sleeping space healthier and more hygienic.

Prevent staining and moisture damage.

Spilled food, drinks, and other liquids (hey, accidents happen!) can soak deeply into your mattress. Not only will this leave an unsightly stain and possibly odor, but the sitting moisture also leaves the potential for mold and bacterial growth. This type of damage wears away at your mattress, making it less comfortable, and voids the warranty as well.

Improve mattress breathability.

Standard mattress materials don’t always get the airflow you really need to be comfortable and sleep easy. A cotton mattress protector will allow more air through for better breathability as you sleep. Improved airflow is especially helpful for hot sleepers, as well as smaller sleeping spaces where heat builds up faster, such as an RV, truck, or boat.

Now that you know why you need a mattress protector, order as many as you need for your various sleeping spaces from Replacement Mattress! We offer premium mattress covers for sale to top off our replacement RV, camper, truck, boat, and sofa bed mattresses. Whether you’re on the road or curled up at home, you can sleep easy knowing you have a quality, protected mattress beneath you.

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