Top 5 Sleep Apps

Man browsing sleeping apps in bed

Often times we’re told to leave our phones outside of the bedroom.  However with all the new apps available, this isn’t the necessarily the case anymore. These new apps can help us get more sleep each night, as well as help us obtain a better quality of sleep. Check out the top 5 of our favorite sleep apps:

1. SleepCycle

The SleepCycle app is often referred to as the “bio-alarm clock”. That’s because it relies on motion sensors in your phone to track your movements while you are fast asleep. Based on that, the app then estimates what stage of sleep you’re actually in. However, with this app you need to go into it and program the alarm for the latest time you’d like to sleep until. At that point, the app will slowly wake you when you’re at your lightest stage of sleep. This way you are not totally jolted awake.

2. Sleepbot

Sleepbot is an app for cell phones that tracks both motion and sounds in order to generate a visual picture of your sleep, so that you are awoken at the least detrimental time. With this app, you’re given a thorough long-term history so that you can see patterns in your sleep. Sleepbot will even provide you with some suggestions on how you can get a better quality sleep each night. This includes everything from what foods you should eat before you sleep to what exercises promote sleep.

3. pzizz

The pzizz app is very different than most sleep apps because it offers over 100 billion combinations of lulling sounds that can really help individuals sleep when it feels impossible. Pzizz works by mixing together quotes, sound effects, music and binaural tones into a brand new playlist each time you click the start button. You can set this playlist to last anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes. This app might especially help you if you’re having trouble sleeping in your RV due to all the noise around you.

4. Sleep Pillow

Sleep Pillow is a white noise app that employs 70 high-quality recorded sounds. Some of these sounds include a bubbling stream, wood chimes and even a dryer. With those sounds, you can then put together over 300,000 personalized combinations. Once you settle on the combination you want, you then set the timer for how long you want to sleep and that sound will slowly fade out. If you opt, though, to set the alarm clock in the full version, the sound will fade in to wake you up when requested.

5. Relax & Sleep by Glenn Harrold

The Relax & Sleep app is one that lets you achieve true relaxation, thanks to the self-hypnosis that is led by Glenn Harrold. Harrold begins by narrating your quest to inner peace so that you can finally sleep. His voice is very soothing and even played over a calming background tone. This app is ideal for those who find themselves sleeping on a boat, RV mattress or some other area that is filled with loud distractions late at night. Instead of focusing on the sound of waves crashing, marine life, your sofa bed mattress and other RVs pulling in and out, you can tune that all out and sleep soundly with the Relax & Sleep app.

Are you using sleep apps? Do you have a favorite which isn’t on the list? Let us know in the comment section below!