Sofa Bed Mattresses and the Science Behind Not Feeling the Bar

Couple happily resting on their sofa bed mattress
Sofa beds are an excellent addition to any home: whether you frequently host guests or you enjoy reclining and watching a good movie every once in a while, a comfortable sofa bed improves the hosting capacity of any dwelling and turns your living room into a more versatile space. Unfortunately, there are so many different options to absorb when shopping for a sofa bed that the whole process can seem more challenging than it actually is. Being able to feel the bar in the middle of the sleeper sofa mattress is the number one complaint of sofa bed owners, and the evidence all points conclusively to foam sofa bed mattresses being vastly superior to coil or memory foam mattresses in this respect.

What are the characteristics of a sofa bed mattress that will protect you from the bar?

Foam mattresses are extremely well-equipped for sofa beds. Because the sofa bed mattresses are about half as thick as traditional mattresses, high density foam mattresses are able to compress evenly across the entire area of the bed. They provide excellent support to all parts of the body because the foam acts as a continuous coil across the structure — this means that rather than sagging at the ends, the mattress spreads your weight evenly and counteracts the bar. Foam is able to conform to the body’s contours, but it always recovers and can be used effectively by many different people — this is an important quality for a sofa bed that may be used by many guests in a short period of time. Coil couch mattresses cannot compete with foam mattresses in the sofa bed sphere because springs need room to float before they fully compress. The relative thinness of a sofa bed mattress does not allow for this balanced compression and bar avoidance to happen — poor quality springs must be used because they have fewer coils, and can compress more efficiently in a smaller space. This weak and uneven compression means sleepers will feel the bar. On the other hand, memory foam sofa mattresses do not utilize enough support foam in their sofa mattress designs — memory foam takes up around 2″ of space, which only leaves room for about 3″ of support foam. Such a thin layer of support foam ensures that you and your guests will be rolling over the bar all night.

Are there sofa bed models with no bar?

Manufacturers have been working on sofa bed models that do not have a bar for decades, and some of the best products are coming from IKEA. The Holmsund sofa bed is made of durable cotton and even features an expansive storage space underneath the sofa. If you’re looking for a cheaper model with no bar, the Balkarp sofa bed has an adjustable back so you can sit, recline, or fully lie down. Buying a sofa bed with no bar is sure to improve the comfort level of your living room, but it is important to properly research all different types of sofa bed mattresses before making an informed purchase. If your sleeper sofa mattress allows your back to be brutalized by the sofa bed’s bar, it has failed in its most important task. Most modern sofa beds feature bars or an uncomfortable base, and in buying a coil or memory foam couch mattress you may be dooming yourself and/or your guests to a visit full of sleepless nights. Foam sleeper sofa mattresses are the way to go for any conscientious sofa bed owner.