Plan Your RV Trip [Infographic]

Plan Your RV Getaway Infographic   Infographic Transcript   Where to Go? There are 21,971 US Public Campgrounds you can choose from. Among the top RV campgrounds (listed by the Travel Channel) you should check out Mill Creek Ranch Resort (Texas), Springs at Borrego (California), Oak Grove Resort (Michigan), Zion River Resort (Utah), Durango RV Resort (California) and Camp Gulf (Florida).   While states like Texas, California, Michigan and Florida have the highest number of RV campsites, not all campsites are created equal. If you’re going to one of the following states chances are you’ll find a top rated RV park, as according to Good Sam Club these states have the highest number of top rated RV campsites:
  1. 1. Arizona
  2. 2. Texas
  3. 3. California
  4. 4. Nevada
  A couple of tips for planning your route: – Use an RV-specific route planner on a GPS. It’ll factor in overhead clearance and other restrictions, such as which roads, bridges, and tunnels won’t allow propane tanks through. – If you’re exhausted and not near a campground, Walmart stores sometimes allow campers to use their parking lots. Just check to make sure there’s not a no overnight parking sign.   Before Leaving First of all properly outfit your RV, do an RV inspection and a road test. If you’re a beginner be sure to get tutorials on how to empty the holding tanks, fill the water tank, repair a roof leak and so on.   Secondly do the shopping and make sure you take: – Personal items – Kitchen supplies – BBQ and accessories – Bedding and related items – Bath items – Tools – Outdoor furniture – Medication – Entertainment – And don’t forget your camera!   On the Road Safety is first, so follow the tips below to keep yourself and your loved ones safe: – Choose high traffic areas for parking – Securely lock doors and windows at night – Buy a whistle and pepper spray – Never leave anything of value outside the RV at night – Consider installing an alarm system – Exercise caution   And most of all have a lot of fun: – Visit historical monuments – Visit amazing natural wonders – Stop for cool roadside attractions – See unique animals – Play games – Enjoy the outdoors – Listen to tunes along the way – Meet new people – Read a new book   Have a great RV trip!