Making Love On A Couch Mattress

Couple in love in sofa bed

What’s it like to make love on a 4 inch thick pierce of high quality foam couch mattress? That’s a question no one ever asks. Really… Not one person has ever asked us that. Not once in the 50 plus years our family has been selling sofa bed mattresses. It may be that everyone just assumes it would be better than the back seat of a car, but not by much. The good news is… It’s better than you think!

Our platinum grade sofa replacement mattress provides a lot of cushioning. That means that even when you have the weight of two people stacked where there is usually only one, there is still plenty of padding. Of course, the bottom person may feel the bar, but it will not be nasty. The bar is still cushioned by the foam of the couch mattress. Even compressed, the foam will still be at least 2″ thick over the bar. At that thickness the bar will not be uncomfortable at all. It will feel like a soft pad under the mattress.

So go ahead, enjoy the best life has to offer on your sofa replacement mattress.