How to Find the Right Kenworth Mattress

Kenworth Trucks

Whether you drive regional or across the country, fatigue is one of the most difficult issues every trucker faces. A good night’s sleep should leave you feeling ready to face the responsibilities of the road, so your mattress should be supportive. Knowing how to make the best choice possible within a budget might be difficult, but you need to be aware there are many options out there. When it is time to order, here are a few tips to choose just the right truck bed mattress to get the best rest possible.

Choosing a New Truck Bed Mattress

Like any other bed, there are many different types of mattresses available. Polyurethane foam mattress is the first choice of many savvy truckers, because of its comfort and support. Many go for the choice of polyurethane only, but those who want a little extra comfort opt for a Kenworth mattress with memory foam.

While inner-spring mattresses are also available, such mattresses are not really made to fit through the doors of a truck sleeper. So choosing a polyurethane mattress is a smart way to replace the mattress without running into a hassle, because they are shipped rolled up, so they can easily be placed inside the sleeper. It is as simple as unrolling them, waiting for the foam to expand and making up the bed. Replacing a truck mattress should take only a few minutes, but rest from a good night’s sleep on a new mattress will last far longer.

Measuring for a New Kenworth Mattress

Measuring the space correctly for a new truck mattress is easy enough, especially if you’re seeking a mattress for Kenworth trucks such as the W900, the T680 or even a custom sleeper space. Measure the area where the mattress will go, take off fractions of inches to provide for bedding space, and that provides the perfect size needed. With those dimensions, it is easy to order a truck bed mattress that will be the right fit for the space.

Shopping around for mattresses might seem to be just another chore, but we at have a wide selection available for a Kenworth mattress that will make selecting and ordering a replacement easy. We know that spending the night tossing and turning does no good in the battle against fatigue, and we have models for every driver’s needs.



With Memory Foam

  • Plush, contouring feel
  • 2 1/2-inch layer of memory foam on top of 5 1/2-inch base of premium, high-density support foam
  • Starting at $451



Truck Foam Mattress

  • Very comfortable
  • Firm, supportive foam
  • High quality polyurethane foam
  • Starting at $410



Truck Foam Mattress

  • Great space saver
  • Medium-firm feel
  • Max quality & support in a 5-inch thickness
  • Starting at $335