How to Measure and Order Odd RV Mattress Shapes

Tools to help you measure your RV mattress

One of the pleasures of owning an RV is the ability to spend days or weeks out in the wilderness in your home away from home. The sleeping quarters are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If you’re like most RVers, you have spent a lot of time in it, which means you have slept many nights on the mattress that came with it.

Eventually, your RV mattress will wear out and you’ll need to get a new one. Shopping and ordering a mattress for your RV isn’t the same as getting one for your master bedroom as you simply can’t go into a store and say you need a twin, a queen or a king mattress. That’s because many RVs are built around the sleeping area. Your mattress can often be shorter or narrower than standard sizes or even both. You may even have a mattress that is an odd shape or has a corner cut out to accommodate shelving, drawers or other features.

Measure Before You Do Anything

Buying a trailer mattress can have many pitfalls, yet if you take a few simple steps you’ll get a comfortable mattress that will make your nights out in the wilderness even better. Here’s how you should measure:

Measure the frame, not the old camper mattress, even if you think it’s a traditional size. You’ll get a more accurate reading by measuring the frame for several reasons. For one, the mattress may not be the same size as when you got it. The size can change due to temperature fluctuations during off-season storage or exposure to UV light. Secondly, no two mattresses measure exactly the same because of small variations that occur during production. Usage can also change its shape. Although it’s seldom the case, you may even have a mattress that was improperly fitted to your bedding platform by the manufacturer.

The better way to measure your odd RV mattress is to make a template of your platform. Do this by attaching together large pieces of brown kraft or similar paper large enough to cover the area and placing it over the bed frame. Tape the paper to a nearby surface to make sure it doesn’t move and then trace the outline of the bed frame, including any nooks or cutouts you may have. When you’re done, write “TOP” to indicate where that area of the mattress is.

Selecting Your RV Mattress

If you send your template to us together with your name, shipping address, billing address (if different from shipping address), contact number and email, we can manufacture a custom replacement RV mattress to fit your platform. If you are unsure of which of our three RV mattress models to buy or if you have any questions, one of our customer service representatives will be delighted to help.