How to Make Your Sofa Bed Mattress More Comfortable? 3 Tips You Haven’t Heard Before!

Woman waking up happy on her comfortable sleeper sofa mattress

Adding a mattress pad will do wonders for the comfiness of your sofa bed mattress. Try adding a memory foam mattress pad of 2″ (or a 3″-4″ one if your sleeper sofa mattress is particularly firm) or an egg crate foam topper and you will sleep like a baby. While a topper is the best choice, it’s also the most expensive one, cheaper options include placing a wool blanket between the sofa mattress and sheets, or using a body pillow. 

A hide a bed sofa with a hide a bed mattress is extremely useful when it comes to company staying over. They are easy to open up when it’s time to call it a night. They also conveniently fold back into their original form, a couch, when it’s time to entertain again. Let’s be honest though, we want to provide our guests with sleep comfort, not just a contraption that is convenient to the hosts. Accommodating the people that are most important to us is what really matters, so how to make a sofa bed mattress more comfortable? The following tips will ensure your visitors a delightful experience that they won’t soon forget.

Add an Egg Crate or Mattress Pad

Egg crates or mattress pads are an extremely affordable way to adjust the way a mattress feels. Everyone from college students to campers can attest to this well-known fact. Adding this layer of foam on top of your mattress can not only make a very firm mattress softer. Egg crates can turn your snoozing experience into the sleep that only dreams are made of.

Invest in Quality Bedding

Bedding is also a power player when it comes to making a sofa bed mattress more comfortable. We aren’t talking about Egyptian cotton sheets, but more so layering, even under your fitted sheets. Wool is a good fabric when it comes to layering over a mattress. Although not the most comfortable texture, wool provides a strong and hearty textile that if used correctly, can cancel out any uncomfortable mattress side effects. Placing a wool blanket over your mattress, then fitting a sheet over the blanket, will provide a cushioning that may change the way you look at sleep forever.

Find the Right Pillow

Pillows can make or break you when it comes to a peaceful night of sleep. The majority of people have strange but similar sleeping patterns and the right kind of pillows can play a major part in a restful period of shuteye. Adding a body pillow to your new sofa mattress may make all the difference as you doze into slumber land. Body pillows provide you with somewhat of a support system. Whether behind you or an object to cling to, adding them into the mix provides a sense of tranquility, because let’s face it, hugging something soft is just plain comforting.

If we could provide our guests with turndown service, a chocolate mint or two, and an amazing continental breakfast (breakfast in bed maybe?), perhaps the sofa bed would be the most popular accommodation to hit the family circuit. Until then, these tips should satisfy and help to indulge your most hard to please guests. And if nothing seems to work, maybe it’s time to replace the sleeper sofa mattress.

Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve in order to make your guests’ stay as pleasant as possible?