How to Choose a Sofa Bed Mattress

Man happily jumping on sofa bed mattress

A sofa bed can be an incredibly useful piece of furniture, perfect for smaller spaces or when you have guests staying over.  However, the mattresses on these sofas are not always the best.  The quality of the original mattress is usually low; and even if the sofa bed does come with a good quality mattress, it often has to be replaced after just a little use.

There are two main design styles to consider when choosing a type of replacement sofa bed mattress:  an innerspring mattress, or a foam mattress.  A spring mattress can get deformed and uncomfortable when stored inside the body of the sofa; as it just isn’t designed to be folded and stored for long periods of time.  On the other hand, a foam sofa mattress has a high resiliency, thanks to its innate ability to form and shape itself into any situation.  Once the sofa bed is opened up for use, the foam mattress springs back into its original shape, perfect for sleeping.  As a foam replacement mattress is the better choice for sofas, we will focus on the important factors to consider when shopping for a sofa bed mattress of this type.

Density, or pounds per cubic inch, is a key factor to consider when buying a foam mattress for the sofa, as you will want a replacement mattress that won’t “bottom out” with the weight of the sleepers.  Densities between 1.8 and 2.5 pounds per cubic foot have long lifespans and offer great support.

Likewise, you want to be aware of the Indentation Force Deflection (IFD.)  A mattress with good IFD will have some ability to absorb shocks, meaning you won’t get bounced around every time someone else moves on the mattress.  IFD is also a measure of the mattress’s firmness.

The thickness of the mattress is also important.  You will want a sofa replacement mattress thick enough to fit your needs, but not too thick or it might not fit your sofa bed mechanism when it’s folded up.  Typically, four to five inches thick is perfect. Read our blog post on “How to Measure a Sofa Bed Mattress” for more info!

Also, check out the fabric on the underside of the mattress.  Ideally, it should be made of a heavy duty backing fabric and ticking material, compatible with the rest of the mattress. You will want something comfortable and durable.

Finally, don’t forget to look into a warranty, which should be around five years.  You never know what is going to happen, and you don’t want to invest in a new replacement sofa mattress and have to replace it all over again in a short amount of time.  A warranty gives you that peace of mind to know you are covered, no matter what small sofa disasters life brings your way.

A couch mattress, also known as a hide a bed mattress, is a quintessential piece of furniture for many people.  However, not everyone knows how to pick out a good replacement.  Fortunately, the process is easier than it might sound.  If you know some basics before getting started, you will wind up making the ideal choice.  Look at details like the material specifications, mattress thicknesses, and fabrics.  Don’t forget to ask about the warranty.

We at have taken all of the factors we’ve mentioned into consideration when designing and manufacturing our sofa bed mattresses.  You really can “rest assured” that you will get only the highest quality sofa mattress from us.