9 Point Checklist on How to Choose an RV Mattress

Couple writing their checklist to buy a camper mattress

When choosing a mattress for your RV, it’s important to take several things into account. For instance, you wouldn’t want to buy the wrong size mattress.. Whether you need a small camper mattress or an RV bunk mattress, these principles still apply. By following this simple checklist, you can ensure you get the right size every time.

1. What RV mattress size do you need?

What is the width and length of your bedding area? Sometimes a standard size mattress will do, but there are many cases in which you will need a custom size RV mattress. We offer both standard and custom mattresses sizes, so if your RV has a custom built bed that no normal mattress seems to fit, we can manufacture one especially for you.

2. What should be the cut style?

If your mattress is designed with rounded edges, square corners, or it needs one or two cut corners, it’s important that even small details be perfect so that it fits snugly and securely into its frame. At Replacement-Mattress.com, we aim to make sure you get the right style cut for your mattress.  We can produce a mattress to almost any shape or corner cut style, just ask!

3. Where does it go?

If you are using a pop up camper, overhead cab, or small space, thinner mattresses are usually preferable in order for you to have more space. However, if space permits, opt for a thicker mattress.  It will provide better support and a more plush feel. However, if in fact you have a sofa bed in your RV, you should choose a sofa mattress instead of a camper mattress.

4. What type of mattress do you need?

There are three major types of mattresses: spring, air, and foam. All have their advantages and disadvantages. Traditional spring mattresses are perhaps the least comfortable of the three types and have a series of disadvantages compared to foam mattresses. Air mattresses may be acceptable in terms of quality of sleep and comfort, but they are much harder to maintain and keep from being damaged. We recommend foam mattresses over air mattresses. RV foam mattresses offer better support and provide a better night’s sleep.  They are also easier to maintain and last a long time without degrading. Spring and air mattresses degrade quickly in extreme temperatures, which will often happen in an RV, particularly in the off season when there is no temperature control in the camper. For added support, you can even get a memory foam RV mattress to give yourself the best quality of sleep possible.

5. What kind of cover do you need?

A heavy duty cover is best for an RV mattress. It’s more secure, protecting the mattress underneath from the dirt and grime so common around campsites and RV parks.

6. Which is the return policy?

The return policy is extremely important. There have been instances where our customers make a mistake in measuring for their mattress, and they realized that the trailer mattress size they ordered is not exactly what they needed. That is why you should choose an RV mattress manufacturer with a flexible return policy (like ours).

7. Warranty

It’s important to ensure you have strong warranty when buying an RV mattress. They’re exposed to a lot of wear and tear, after all. A 5-year warranty is what is usually offered in this case so don’t go for anything less!

8. Should I order online or in store?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Ordering in store allows you to try out the mattress, but consider that only 5 minutes on the trailer mattress won’t be enough to give you a true sense of how comfortable the mattress is. On the other hand, ordering online is a much easier process with a series of advantages.

9. What will be the shipping cost?

This is important especially if you order online, as if you prefer to go to a local store and buy the mattress from there, you’ll probably have to handle the transportation to your home. When ordering online, the shipping cost may vary based on the size and weight of the mattress.  Be leery of those that offer free shipping.  Your parents taught you well when they told you “that nothing in life is free.” If someone is offering you free shipping, it’s likely that the shipping costs are built into the product pricing.

Are there other aspects that you personally take into consideration when buying a replacement mattress for your RV?