4 Things You Never Thought You’d Regret About Your Spring Sofa Mattress

Woman regretting that she bought an innerspring sofa bed mattress

A spring sofa mattress can use hundreds of coiled springs to provide support to your body while you sleep at night. While spring beds are incredibly common, they come with a lot of disadvantages (compared to a foam hide a bed mattress) that might cause you to regret your initial purchase. There are four main things you might notice about your spring sofa mattress that you might not have thought about before buying it

Drinking Something in Bed
Drinking something in bed might seem harmless and it’s probably something that you do every single night before you go to sleep. Unfortunately, your spring sofa mattress will soak up more liquid if it is spilled than a foam sofa bed mattress would. Because of this, you’ll have extreme difficulties trying to get that stain and liquid out of your mattress.

Eating and Crumbs
Spring coil mattresses actually trap more dust mites than foam varieties, which make these types of beds a feeding ground when you drop crumbs in bed. A foam sofa bed mattress creates a more hostile environment for dust mites to live and thrive, making it a cleaner and healthier solution.

Jumping or Putting a Lot of Pressure on the Bed
The coils in a spring mattress will wear down and can become bent over time, especially if you or a loved one is jumping on the sofa or is heavy and puts a lot of pressure on one area of the sofa in particular. This can cause incredibly uncomfortable spots on the spring couch mattress that you will find the be difficult to sleep on.

Pets and Dead Skin Cells
Just like crumbs and food, dead skin cells from both humans and pets can cause an unhealthy environment in your spring coil sofa mattress. These dust mites actually feed off of skin cells and can thrive in the mattress itself. It might sound disgusting, but your recently bought spring mattress could already have thousands or millions of mites living in the fabric itself.

There are many reasons why a lot of people are looking into a sofa replacement mattress for their homes. The spring mattresses pose a lot of disadvantages that can truly be a hindrance to your daily life. Not only do spring mattress tend to have short life spans, but they can also be unhealthy to sleep on because of spring pressure points or an abundance of dust mites living within the fabric. By having the right type of foam mattress in your place, you are making a healthier and better decision for everyone involved. So be sure to get a sofa bed mattress made out of foam that can help you to sleep easier and more comfortably every single time you use it.