10 Feng Shui Tips For Your RV

RV decorated with feng shui principles in mind

Feng Shui provides peace and calm in your home, and it can also do the same in your RV. When you’re on an RV trip you might spend quite some time in your RV, especially sleeping and relaxing, so it’s important to add some Feng Shui elements so that you can enjoy your time even more. The following list contains 11 tips you can use in your RV to give it better Feng Shui.

1. Keep down clutter. If it isn’t something you know you will use or absolutely cannot live without, don’t carry it around with you in the RV. Storage is limited so you only want things that truly give you joy or that are necessary for your travel plans.

2. Arrange seating at right angles to inspire quality conversation with your spouse, children or travel companions. Seating should never be placed side by side as this does nothing to promote good conversations.

3. Purchase luxury bed coverings, especially sheets, to add to the comfort in your home away from home. Luxury pillows, a quality RV mattress and nice comforter will make your RV bedroom feel like home.

4. Artwork on the wall isn’t practical or safe for an RV, but you can hang posters. Find images that you find soothing and relaxing to add to your dining space. If you prefer something personal, create photo poster out of some of your family photos.

5. Make the interior colorful. Add pops of color wherever you can. While the color red can be used to deflect negative chi, it can also be used to activate positive chi. Red throw pillows or a cozy red blanket strategically placed on the sofa add color and positive energy to a trailer.

6. When arranging furniture, place the sofa facing the door if possible. The bed should be placed as far away from outside electric sources as possible to eliminate the disruption of sleep.

7. Use a mirror opposite something pleasant to double it, like one of those beautiful posters you put up. A ceiling mounted mirror can also be used to deflect the negative in the case your bed is placed over the gas or water tank. Mirrors can also be used to deflect negative sources outside your RV, like noisy neighbors.

8. When parking your RV, park as far away from distractions like light poles, and park in a location where you feel safe and secure.

9. Essential oil, in spray form, is a great way to add a comforting smell to your motorhome. Always pack your favorite scent in your RV to maintain a sense of calm and serenity. A scent like lavender, jasmine or rose can add a calm element to your RV.

10. A small bell tied to the door can repel intruders. Adding chimes to the outdoor area of your RV can attract positive energy and repel negative.
Feng Shui can help your RV be a more pleasant and relaxing space to spend time when you’re away from home. Adding a few elements and changing a few areas of the RV to promote positive chi and deflect negative chi can make your RV a much happier place.