Which Model?

Questions about our sofa bed mattresses? Call us! 888-889-2812Our Gold replacement mattress series keeps the cost to a minimum. Our Platinum quality sofa mattress goes all out. It is the perfect choice for the the heavier weight sleeper, or combination of sleepers weighing over 250 lbs. Both are superior sofa bed mattresses.

Your decision depends upon your answers to the following questions.  How long do you think you’ll keep your sofa mattress? How often will someone use it as a bed? How much do the people that are sleeping on the mattress weigh? The more positively you answer these questions, the more we would suggest our Platinum model over our Gold.

A more important consideration when choosing a sofa mattress is the weight of the sleeper. Most sleepers will find the Gold quality sofa mattress (Foam Density: 1.8 lbs per cubic foot) an excellent choice. Heavyweight sleepers will compress the replacement mattress beyond its ability to cushion the bar, and the denser foam of the Platinum mattress (Foam Density – 2.5 lbs per cubic foot) will be more comfortable. Denser foam does not mean harder.



How to measure

Measuring For Your New Sofa Bed Mattress

You should measure the frame, not the sofa mattress. Don’t worry about the slightly rounded corners of the frame, the replacement mattress will also have slightly rounded corners.

Measure the frame inside, and round down to the next inch. For example 68-3/4 would become 68.




Mattress Thickness

Questions about our sleeper sofa mattresses? Call us! 888-889-2812
What is the best Mattress Thickness ?

  • In ordinary foam sofa bed mattresses, the thicker the better.
  • In sofa bed mattresses, there is a design issue…
    If the foam is too thick, the replacement mattress feels great at first, but after it is folded away in the closed sofa for a little while, the folds get permanently set.
  • We have found that:
    • A 4 inch thick sofa bed mattress has no noticeable compression set, even after 2 years folded up.
    • It is very important to have a high quality foam. Poor quality foam sofa bed mattresses will stay folded after just a few weeks.



Cloth Cover

What is the best Mattress Cover ?

  • In mattress covers the cloth is referred to as ticking.
  • In sofa bed mattresses, there is a design issue…
    We would like to use a good quilted ticking. Unfortunately, when the sofa bed replacement mattress is folded away inside the sofa, the quilted material tends to bunch up in the creases. This bunching causes other problems too, like the mattress cover shifting around so that the seams wind up moving onto the flat sleeping surface.
    Experience has taught us that a flat, non-quilted ticking gives the most satisfactory long term service for a sofabed mattress.

For more general FAQ go to https://www.replacement-mattress.com/faq/.