Which Model?

Factors to consider?

Questions about our RV mattresses? Call us! 888-889-2812We would be happy to sleep on every RV mattress we sell. The quality of the mattresses below are all the same. They will all last about the same duration and they all support you while sleeping. The difference is in the nature of that support. A thicker RV mattress allows high spots, (hips, shoulders, etc.), to sink in a little deeper. That means support is spread more uniformly over more body area, like your back. That translates into a more luxurious sleeping experience.

Countess Camper Mattress (5 inch) is the same as its 8″ counterpart, just a little thinner. If space is tight, this model may be for you.

Princess Trailer Mattress (8 inch) is our recommended high quality camper mattress.
All we can say about these models is… Ahhh…

Empress RV Mattress(8 inch with memory foam) has a 2-1/2 inch layer of memory foam on top of 5-1/2 inch base of our regular high density, high resiliency urethane foam.
This model gives still more… Ahhhhhhh



How to measure

We subtract our manufacturing tolerances from any stated size, either yours or ours. That means that if either of us says a camper mattress is 54 x 72 inches; then we mean that it will fit into a box which is precisely 54 x 72 inches.

Cut Corner RV Mattresses

This is for measuring the length of the sides which will be cut. Do not measure the old RV mattress. Do measure where it goes. Round your measurements down to the nearest lower inch.



Mattress Thickness

In mattresses, the thicker the better:

  • Usually there are thickness constraints for RV bedding. An 8″ foam produces a superb RV mattress. If this is impractical, we offer a 5″ which still makes an excellent camper mattress.
  • We use a very high quality foam, which is better than in most mattresses (foam density – 1.8 – 1.9 lbs per cubic foot – high density). This yields an excellent trailer mattress at any thickness of 5″ or more. See “All About Foam” under FAQ.
  • 5″ of  our  1.8 density  foam camper mattress will  support a  200 pound  person sleeping, without bottoming out.
  • Our 8″  RV mattress will support a 250 pound person(s) sleeping, without bottoming out.



Cloth Cover

Mattress cloth covers are referred to as ticking. We only use top quality ticking.

For RV mattresses we use a non-flip design:

  • On the Top, – Quilted damask cover (sleeping side)
  • On the Bottom – Skid resistant fabric

For more general FAQ go to https://www.replacement-mattress.com/faq/.