Wholesale Mattresses for the Trucking Industry

Life on the road is tough. Truck drivers put in long hours, constantly travel hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, and work hard on an unreliable schedule to make deliveries for your clients. They deserve to have a mattress that’s as strong as they are to provide comfort and stability on the job.
At Replacement Mattress, we can supply your trucking company with truck bed mattresses that work just as hard as your drivers for a convenient wholesale price. We design and manufacture our mattresses with the highest quality features and materials, so you can show your truck driving team how much you value their health, safety, and happiness.

Wholesale Truck & Semi Cab Mattresses

We don’t have to tell you how important it is for your truck drivers to be well-rested when they get behind the wheel. But have you ever thought about how difficult it must be to get a good night’s sleep in the limited space most semi-truck cabs offer? It can be challenging enough to wake up feeling rested in your own bed! Fortunately, our wholesale truck mattresses offer the perfect solution for the right price.

With three different truck mattress models available, providing your drivers with the ultimate on-the-road sleep experience is easier than ever. We use high-quality foam to make our mattresses firm and supportive. For those drivers making especially long trips, add a memory foam top layer for an extra level of luxury. Additionally, we can manufacture wholesale truck mattresses in custom shapes and sizes to fit any cabin comfortably.

When you upgrade your company trucks with top-quality mattress from Replacement Mattress, you and your drivers can rest assured knowing they’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the road—without having to break the bank. Give us a call at 888-889-2812 today to discuss your wholesale truck mattress needs!