Selecting A Size

Mattresses up to 39″ wide are Twin Size.
Mattresses between 40″ and 54″wide are Full Size.
Mattresses between 55″ and 60″wide are Queen Size.
Mattresses between 60″ and 66″wide are Super Queen Size.
Mattresses over 66″ wide are REALLY BIG (but we can make them!)

Measurement Instructions for Sofa Bed Mattresses
You should measure the frame, not the sofa mattress.
Don’t worry about corners of the frame, our sofa bed mattresses have slightly rounded corners.
Measure the frame inside, and round down to the next inch.
For example 68-3/4″ would become 68″.

Here is a list of the sizes of replacement sofa bed mattresses we stock. They will ship within two days. All other sizes of a  sofa bed mattress, all RV mattress and all Marine mattress sizes are custom orders.  Custom orders will ship in about a week from ordering.

Stock Sizes of Replacement Sofa Bed Mattresses

Model Thickness Width Length Stock
Gold 4″ 52″ 72″ Yes
Platinum 4″ 52″ 72″ Yes
Gold 4″ 54″ 72″ Yes
Platinum 4″ 54″ 72″ Yes
Gold 4″ 60″ 72″ Yes
Platinum 4″ 60″ 72″ Yes