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We have over 400 available sizes which you can easily price and purchase directly on our website. Before submitting this form, please make sure to check out our Sofa Bed, RV,  and Marine mattress product lines, using the “Mattresses” drop-down menu a the top of this page. You first choose the type of mattress you want: Sofa Bed, RV, or Marine; then (if available) choose the shape of the mattress (ie. rectangular or a cut corner;) and then choose the particular model of the mattress you are interested in purchasing. Finally, use the drop-down menus in the upper-left corner of the product page to select your particular mattress dimensions; widths, lengths, and other information. Once you select all the options, the accurate price of your custom mattress will be displayed.

We can make you a custom mattress!

If you’ve looked at our website and can’t find what you’re looking for, either give us a call at (888)889-2812, or fill out the form on the right.  We will do our best to design, price and build a custom mattress to your exact specifications. We can change the shape, thickness and corner geometries of our RV, marine or sofa bed mattresses to match your application.

Following are instructions for you to get your sofa mattress, camper mattress or boat mattress with the least chance of error:

  • Your description of the replacement mattress(es) being ordered
    Send any appropriate description. For instance:
    Hi Lou. This is an order for the two mattresses we discussed yesterday, Feb, 17. They are the ones for my boat; the tapered ones which fit in the “vee birth”. I have sent you the sketch by snail mail. You should have it tomorrow.
  • Phone number & any additional comments you choose.
    This would be a good place to leave your phone number (if you wish) and alternate e-mail address, if you have one. The box is also here if you need to include anything else.

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